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Dead HTC Hero


Dead HTC Hero

Can someone provide me with directions on navigating the Sprint Website to the point I can request a replacement phone?  I seem to keep going in circles.

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Re: Dead HTC Hero

Are you unable to go to a Sprint store?

Sprint Product Ambassador

Re: Dead HTC Hero

That's correct - your first step needs to be to visit a Sprint Service and Repair center for diagnostics.

If it's fixable, or under warranty, they'll fix it.

If it's DOA and not warranty covered, then they'll give you the pointer to the Assurion phone replacement insurance folks.

You can find your local Sprint Service and Repair center at:

Product Ambassador, long time Sprint employee

Re: Dead HTC Hero

Our nearest service center is about an hour away and isn't open on Sunday, the only day I could get there.

So I came across a link that says I can submit online replacement requests and I thought my problem was solved.  However, the link doesn't take to me anywhere useful.

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