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Does Anyone Know...


Does Anyone Know...

If Android 2.0 will have OWA support, or if HTC plans to add this into the stock email application? It's kind of difficult to figure out what parts of the Hero are Android and which are HTC's integration. I have been using SEVEN (which is the company who produces the "Sprint Mobile Email App" found on Instinct and several other phones) but they do not have an Android version for Hero. I use the version for the Magic and it works fairly well, but keeps my phone awake. It's odd that the task killer (which I now only use to kill this one app to save battery) doesn't always detect it, which makes me wonder how accurate of a reading these killers are producing regarding RAM and apps running in background. Anyways, I am really hoping this is added as SEVEN is probably not concerned with modifying their Android email app for CDMA versions until there are enough on the market.

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