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Does Your Hero restart itself Randomly?? Of Course it does..


Does Your Hero restart itself Randomly?? Of Course it does..

So I have posted on here before about my Hero randomly rebooting, and the steps that Sprint has taken to assist me in making it work correctly. After going through literally 6 heroes in a month (and my wife has gone through 4) and talking to an ungodly amount of tech people both Sprint and HTC, I have come to the realization that most of these Hero phones have this problem. I am hoping that both Sprint and HTC will read this (i am planning on posting this on HTC as well) I have figured out what the problem is with the phone. The problem is what drew most of us to the phone in the first place, and that is HTC Sense. Sense has a glitch that forces the phone to restart. Sense is an awesome UI, and for the longest time I didn't think that I would want a phone with out it. However there are other home replacement apps out there that do the exact same thing as Sense, and don't force the phone to reboot.

I have tested my theory, and it doesn't have anything to do with the amount of apps installed on the phone, or anything else, it literally is a glitch within Sense. And don't get me wrong I am not so ignorant to think that this will affect every Hero, because you could be reading this and thinking to yourself my Hero doesn't do this. If that's the case consider your self blessed, there are a ton of us who do have the problem, and I fear that its a problem that wont ever be addressed and short of actually going in and coding Sense for Sprint and HTC, it wont ever be fixed. That's the cool thing about a glitch, is it can affect enough devices to be a pain but then doesn't affect all devices so it doesn't get fixed.

Up until a few weeks ago I was under that feeling that I wouldn't do anything to my phone that didn't come stock because it should work perfectly out of the box. But like most everything in life, nothing is perfect, which is how I got started on this adventure. I recently rooted my device, and installed android 2.2 on it (thanks to CyanoGen Mod), and my phone runs better than it ever has. I have gone from a phone that was rebooting itself literally 6 to 10 times a day to a phone that hasn't rebooted in 2 weeks (unless i made it)....

So if your Hero has started its rebooting process please consider moving to a different home screen replacement app (i recommend LauncherPro). You can still have 7 screens and actually do more customization that you can with Sense. If you are up for it, I strongly recommend rooting (there are some good step by steps on this forum) you will love your Hero again, instead of wanting to throw it into the street. Oh and 2.2 is awesome on the Hero, much faster than the Hero ever has been, I will say that Sprint messed up in not asking for the update for the Hero..

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Re: Does Your Hero restart itself Randomly?? Of Course it does..

Here is how you solve the problem.....

1. Wipe HTC's pathetic excuse for a 2.1 upgrade. Lets be honest, they jacked it up on purpose to make us buy EVO's.

2. Install Cyanogen rom

3. Enjoy the fact your phone actually works again.

I was DONE with how horribly bad my phone performed after the 2.1 "upgrade". Also don't believe the lies that Hero's can't run 2.2


Re: Does Your Hero restart itself Randomly?? Of Course it does..

I haven't had any issues personally with my Hero restarting on its own. I don't have a lot of apps installed, just the ones I need; or a task killer, I just let Android do its own thing like it is designed to do. The phone is slow at times when typing (but mine was slow with the 1.5 software as well, it is a little slower with 2.1 for me but not a lot). There are a few delays here and there when trying to do things, but everything works for me.

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