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Dust under the screen issue - Please post here if you got it.


Dust under the screen issue - Please post here if you got it.

As you may know, some people have an issue where dust is getting under their screen.

There is a rumor, and I stress rumor, that Hero's with the Google branding don't seem to have this issue because of a better screen fit.  Personally, I'm not buying it because no one has been able to provide photos.  However, some of us would like to start collecting data on this issue.

If you have dust getting under your screen, please post here and state your device "version" (i.e. the branding on the back of the Hero)

  • HTC-only branded
  • Google branded

Thanks for your participation.

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I just got the Hero (Google branded on the back) on Jan 20 and had a dime sized dust cloud in the upper right corner by Jan 25. I called HTC, they took all the info, and a rep called me back and left a message on Feb 4, saying to take the phone to a Sprint store/repair center as they now had a "fix" for the problem. Am heading to the store South of Market in SF this week. I'll update how the "fix" goes after that. Otherwise the phone and OS are fantastic so far. The HTC customer service was prompt in answering and taking all of the pertinent info, and I was pretty surprised that someone from HTC actually called me back. So except that I wish I wasn't dealing with the problem in the first place, I have to say HTC has been very responsive, at least in my case. We'll see how well Sprint does this week.


Just today took my Hero to Sprint store and they cleaned the dust under the screen with a little reluctance (told me there were only few devices they are authorized to open and Hero wasn't one among them, but they would the best they could and no guarantees!!!) For now I am happy, just have to wait and see how long before it collects again!   


Finally had the time to take my hero in to sprint store today. The cleaned the dust without any problems, however they had no idea about any permanent fix. Hopefully this cleaning lasts a while, because the closest store is 30 mins away from me and im a full time student and never have any free time! the phone looks good now so im happy for now. Other than the dust havent had any other problems. My phone is rooted and running fresh 1.1 and it is running super fast.


I have this same issue Hero "with google", since december ive beeen having lots of dust particles under the screen one large particle in the middle of the screen and a whole bunche on the bottom left corner of hoping this gets resolved somehow, it sucks paying so much for a phone that has been bugged from start and has a defective case.


izzyks wrote:

I have reported this to the device product team. I'm just waiting to see what can be done. I will post as soon as I have more information.

i hope there is a fix soon I went to two Sprint stores the first one wouldn't do anything for me they said they would just make it worse...second store was able to fix it however this is not a permanent fix..Oh and both stores new about the problem but said there wasn't a fix in place. I have been reading this thread and it looks like HTC has a permanent fix by us sending in our phones and waiting three weeks to get it back... that is not an option for me right now because I have no back up phone.

     Please Sprint get together and talk with HTC so we can get this resolved. How about someone picks up that phone and make a simple phone call.

its not that hard is it?

P.S. everyone that has posted in these forums on this issue should go over to HTC web sight and post this issue in their forums. I think the consumer has to take these issues into their own hands we cannot depend on these companies to do it without a little pressure from us..

     Please use the above link to join my thread I started on HTC's web site

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Sure wish HTC would say if the fix will be applied to phones in production or if it's strictly a repair on demand. I'm on my second Hero; first had a build date in mid-December, current phone built 1-1-10. First phone showed dust after 3 weeks; I've had this new one a little over a week and it's already got something under the glass.

Both phones have teh Googles on the back. First one came from, newer one from Best Buy.

Dust? Do. Not. Like.


Just a quick update for me. I wasn't ok paying to ship my unit to HTC for the permanent fix as I feel they should be owning the issue and not try to pass on cost to the customer, so I went ahead and swapped for the Samsung Moment.

(Small thread deviation for a Moment vs Hero insight for anyone looking to try out the Moment because of this dust under the Hero issue)

Its a first for me to have a hard keyboard and it takes some getting use to. And admittedly I miss the Sense UI, but there are so many Home apps out there to make it look however you want that its almost a non-issue for me (PandHome-Hero looks almost exactly like the HTC Hero). I do miss the social networking integration, but thats going to be coming native with android as soon as we get the next 2.x firmware update so our contacts will sync with facebook just like Sense UI does and get status updates. So at this point the only thing I'm missing is the widgets, which there are some replacements for, but not entirely. The biggest difference I'm noticing though is the screen and by far speed. The colors are much more vibrant and the processor is much faster on the Moment so I'm not experiencing any sluggishness at all. Though I have yet to see if the battery is up to par. And 1 big difference....NO DUST YET!

(Back to topic at hand)

I hope that Sprint can update us on what they've uncovered about this with their device product team. If the permanent option doesn't come to Sprint repair centers sooner, I can see a lot of people going with a different phone, most notably the Moment if you are wanting to stay with Android. Nobody wants to keep taking their phone to a repair center to have it cleaned.


You wont get dust, I had gone back and forth between both phones and the sad fact is it's what flaws can you live with on both phones.



Most apps just work

Solid GPS/aGPS

ok battery life

Mini USB

Easy to root and use cutom roms

LED notifiy

Good MIC on phone

Google Voice search..i really used this ALOT

GLASS screen

OK Camera



Slow slow slow slow

Browser is SLOW compared to the Moment

for me no hardware keyboard

No Prox sensor



GREAT Screen


Plain Droid (I like the role my own look)

Faster Processor

Louder Speakerphone and earpiece

more internal user memory avaliable

PROX sensor for screen


aGPS/GPS is a joke on this phone (update i guess helped but I had gotten ride of it before the update)

very little aftermarket support

Micro USB (i know this will be the standard but all my stuff was/is mini USB

No custom ROMS do to a non standard file system format

Plastic screen (I know I said glass but it is type of acylic plastic


NO LED lights...come on really???

Bottom line is both the Sprint Droid phones fall short in many ways and they have lost alot of people (myself included) as a result..high end people that spend alot per month to have the next great thing. I have not heard any official word on any phones with Android sure a few rumors here and there this LG model, the "supersonic" that running a 4g standard thats DEAD and thats about it. We hear about new Android phones for Big Red, AT&T and TMO almost every day, plus all the releases in no -us markets but NOTHING from sprint. I hope im wrong but things dont look good for sprint. Sad really because they really are the best value out there in the US market but there top tier phone offering are a less than stellar.

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I have  sprint htc hero with dust under lower left side getting worse. had it for about 3 months and carry it in my pocket most of the time. HTC talks a good Qualty control game but fails to deliver. Too bad because I like the phone.


Once again please start posting on HTC forum so they get the message as well as Sprint this problem needs to be fixed.. use the link above

Thanks Android Fans

I do love this phone just fix the problems



Great idea spreading the word to the HTC forum. I have done my part to post my issue there was well. Hopefully bringing to their attention that this issue and lack of communication on their part caused me to switch to the Moment (for the time being) will help them realize they could potentially lose more customers if this isn't addressed.

I am subscribed to this and the HTC thread and look forward to a resolution.

I hope Sprint will reach out to HTC to get this addressed ASAP.


HTC  service manager Brian said HTC is aware of this issue and will repair this issue for free, if you give up your phone and send it to them for an estimated 2 to 4 weeks, shipping out of your pocket.

If you did not get insurance at time of purchase, your out of luck, but you might be able to go back and get insurance later, ask your provider. The providers plan often offers a replacement phone while yours is out of touch, HTC does not offer this as part of their warranty. TOO BAD SO SAD! BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME!

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