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Email fetching/email notification issues. Anyone else having issues with it?


Email fetching/email notification issues. Anyone else having issues with it?

I have my mail gmail account linked with the Hero and the gmail app. So far I haven't had any issue with it. I also have 4 additional gmail accounts, one hotmail, one yahoo, one comcast and my work (POP3) email address on the Email app. I have set all of these accounts to update and check for email every five minutes. Most of the times they update as they should and get the email notification with no problems but sometimes they don't refresh for hours. I have noticed this issue every morning when I wake up and check my phone for new email (I also have an iphone and all of the incoming overnight email has been pushed to the iphone and notification is there). I have to manually refresh the hero as the last time the phone refreshed by itself and looked for new email was about 8 hours ago (BTW, the phone is always on, even overnight). I have a similiar issue with peep but that is another story.

Am I the only one experiencing this problem? Any ideas on how to solve it?. I am not sure if it is a hero issue or an issue with android itself as I've previously has the G1 and MyTouch and had the same problems with the stock android email app.



I posted my email story on here several days ago, and found that I put all the gmail in the gmail app..I have 2 accounts, those two accounts sync properly and then I installed K-9 and put my pop3 accounts there. I found that the built in email app that came with the phone was the problem. removed the account setting there and low and behold no problems with email.. Sprint suggested I use gmail for all my accounts but I did not want to mix accounts or set up even more gmail as I have two personal and two business accounts. Give K-9 a try.

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