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Eris gets post 2.1 bug fix...are we next?


Eris gets post 2.1 bug fix...are we next?

Just read a piece about the Droid Eris (Verizon version of the Hero) getting a bug fix. I wonder if we'll be next?

I certainly am having issues since moving to 2.1. Not major, but annoying all the same.

My biggest issue is occasionally when I receive a call and answer it, the screen shows the caller's picture (or Android if no picture) and that's it...everything else is just black. No mute or speaker buttons and no end call buttons. I have to back out of that screen then press the phone button again and when it goes back to the call screen everything is normal. Sometimes it is just slow to display the in call buttons, sometimes they don't show up at all without backing out.

I hope we get this and it fixes that issue and the general sluggishness.


Re: Eris gets post 2.1 bug fix...are we next?

It's pretty unlikely. Sprint has forsaken the Hero and the Moment and are on to "bigger" and "better" things...

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