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GPS not working since firmware update


GPS not working since firmware update

Just wondering if this is just my phone having this problem or if it is a common problem caused by the update.

Around the time the firmware update was released, my phone started having serious problems finding satellites. Both on Google Maps and Sprint Nav. Both worked fine before that point. This occurs roughly 90% of the time. Every once in a great while one of the two apps will work properly. This was not the case when the phone was new. Both apps worked properly. I recently had to do a hard reset for another problem and it made a difference in the GPS problem for about a day. Then they stopped working again. Is anybody else having this problem or is it just something wrong with MY phone?


Re: GPS not working since firmware update

i had a similar problem for a little while - but i think that i had determined that it had to do with the -way- that i used the gps...  there was a thread on here about it - you might try searching...  personally, i found that whenever my gps was acting screwy it only took a soft-reset to fix it (end-button-hold, power-off).  thisd be the same as pulling-the-battery, which for some reason is a recommended-procedure in many cases (with OUT mentioning the correct method to power down iirc).

for me, i found (i think) that it was linked to me trying to re-navigate to someplace after changing significantly (say the next day) my gps signal...  ie - id be driving somewhere using the nav - realize it was gonna be after hours, so left the apprlication - and then the next day tried to resume the trip...  almost always, the gps would not be able to lock on...  i found that i just reenter/restart the nav-process again and the gps seems to be ok...  also, once the signal was -broken- (say from sprint nav), i was never able to get it to work in any other app (say google-maps)...  regardless, the easiest solution was always to just power-down for 15 secs and then power up again...  gl, h.

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