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HTC HERO!  Ok so I have had SPRINT for 10 years plus...Renewed my contract July 15th, bought 4 phones and a plan for a family of FOUR!  Unlimited....July 29th my HTC Hero stops working.  I call SPRINT.  They tell me the phone is toast and will have to be reset.  I will lose everything.  So they transfer me.  The guy said he was going to send me a new phone in 5-7 days.  OKAY GREAT!  Except I leave tomorrow for vacation for a week.  So he says he will send the new phone but he will put me back to tech support and they will get it working until I can get my new one.  So he transfers me and I get a woman who does NOT speak  English and I CANNOT HEAR HER.  So now I am speaking with someone I cannot understand.  She doesn't understand my words I don't understand her.  So she keeps telling me to push # twice.  WHAT PART OF MY PHONE DOESN'T WORK DOES SHE NOT GET..  So frustrating.  So I am geing nice.  Really I am being nice.  I asked to speak with someone else.  She tells me she cannot transfer earlier in the conversation, but now she decides she can.  So the woman ends up disconnecting me.  I honestly believe the person who transferred me to her did so out of malice for being a difficult customer..  So I call back and get a wonderful person with the name of Brittany.  I am still on hold with Brittany so not sure how this going to work out.  To sum it up.  I am so disappointed in SPRINT.  They don't care about me.  They don't care about the products they sell as the first person told me it was an HTC problem.  So after ranting here I feel better.  Any others have an experience like this?



i am sorry to break it up to u... that's the life of htc hero owners since oct 11th, 2009...

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