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HTC Hero 2.1 Update Problems/Issues since update:


HTC Hero 2.1 Update Problems/Issues since update:

I just wanted to post a couple of issues that I've noticed with my HTC Hero by Sprint since updating to the new Android 2.1 RUU issued by Sprint on May 19, 2010. Since the update, the following problems have arisen:

1. When opening any number of different apps from the Android Market and/or apps that were included with the update, the phone will reboot itself automatically.

2. When receiving calls, there is a long lag between when the other party hears their phone ringing and when I actually receive the call on my Hero. Sometimes its only 3-4 rings before it registers on my phone. Other times, it's 5-6 or sometimes I won't even receive the call at all and will eventually get a notice that I missed a call and that I have a voicemail.

3. When opening the Sprint Navigation app, intially (prior to opening it following a reboot/turn on) the app will get to the point where it needs to contact the server for sign-in (or something) and then the phone will automatically reboot itself. Following the reboot, the phone will turn on, but the network is unavailable. When opening the Sprint Nav app after automatic reboot (caused by the app in the first place) then the app runs to the point where it tries to sign in, but said that 'Sprint navigation is not available'. Also, the network does not work for any other programs on the device. The only way to correct this problem, is to reboot the phone again manually. Then, if you try to open the Sprint Nav app again, the problem starts over from the beginning again, resulting in another automatic phone reboot.

4. There is still lag when programs are open (of course, probably due to the hardware specs or the lack there of =D ).

If anyone else has noticed any additional problems, please continue this discussion so as to bring these issues to Sprint's attention. Hopefully, they'll hear their customers and have some type of solution for them. Thanks guys!

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Item No. 2 is my biggest concern/issue.  First and foremost, I bought a phone to make and receive calls. Being unable to receive calls or having family/friends having to call me twice is ridiculous.


EXACTLY! That's my big issue with this whole ordeal. I bought the phone with the underlying concept that I would primarily have a phone with a computer all-in-1, but the phone on it only works some of the time . Basically, I bought the phone because it ran Android and because it was highly customizable, had Sense UI... but as more and more phones came out, I realized, man, I got jipped because this phone is sooo slow compared to other phones, it can barely run Sense UI on it and is constantly being bogged down. It's just ridiculous if you ask me. If Sprint were to provide me with an EVO, (they could have my phone back) and I'd pay $100 even, then I'd be happy, but man... I just wish my Hero worked like it's supposed to ya know?!?! Now I'm stuck with a Hero that works some of the time AND I have to wait another year before even thinking about upgrading... sad.


You know I just had that problem today..the phone just reset itself when I tried to open sprint nav, google maps and the new navigator as well. It is the exact same thing you had problems with.. I thought it was an issue with my gps reciever or a hardware issue.. its a new software, but you would think they would make sure their own software works.. it just figures it happened when I needed my gps to work, becuase it didnt do this yesterday when I was driving 12 hours.

Another problem I am having is my facebook isnt working right in my people program. when I try to tag people to FB accounts it tells me there are no friends to add them too.

I also noticed the lag, but that is most likely a hardware thing.  This is a good update, much needed, but they need to issue a few updates.


I want to inform Hero 2.1 users of the recent problem solutions that I've come across since reporting the problems in the first thread of this discussion. Due to constant restarts/reboots of the device, which occurred randomly when opening many different types of applications, I decided to wipe the device to factory and reinstall the OS using the RUU provided by Sprint. This resulted in a brand-new phone with everything working as it should, at least so far so good (approximately 14 hrs with the newly working phone). Here is what I did step-by-step:

1. First, I made sure all my contacts/calendars, etc. were backed up on the GMail website by syncing with google's servers. I then proceeded to turn off my phone.

2. I then removed the battery cover and took out my microSD card from the slot within the phone.

3. Then, I performed a reset of my phone back to factory settings (wipes all data from the phone, including apps, contacts, everything). The follwing instructions show how to perform this reset.


     Key  Stroke Method

  1. Power the device OFF.
  2. Press and  hold the HOME and Back Arrow buttons. While holding these buttons,  press the End Call button once.

    Release the Home and Back Arrow buttons and press the  Trackball to execute the Hard Reset.

  3. The device will reboot once the process is complete.

4. After completing the reset of the device, the phone restarts itself. You will be taken to the initial setup screen of the Android OS. Depending if you've already updated the OS from 1.5 or not, you will either see the 1.5 setup steps (e.g., you did not update the phone yet), or the 2.1 setup steps (e.g., you already updated the phone before). I skipped any of the setup process, as this will not be necessary since the information will be wiped again anyway. After the intial setup boots up (e.g., the phone is fully booted up), I then connected the device via USB to my computer.

5. Assuming you've already installed the latest version of HTC Sync and downloaded the 2.1 RUU update from Sprint already, I then proceeded to run the 2.1 RUU update from Sprint. If you haven't done any of the above assumptions listed in this step, you can follow the instructions given by Sprint http://www6.sprint.com/downloads/htc/pdfs/htc_hero_update_2.1.pdf

6. After completing the update from step 5, the phone will automatically reset itself. You can insert your microSD card during the reboot, or you can do so later, whatever works for you.

7. Following the reinsertion of the microSD card, the phone will again go into the intial 2.1 setup steps. At this point, I completed all the steps (be sure to setup the gmail/google sync accounts so you can retrieve all of your contacts and calendars that you backed up in step 1).

8. After finishing the intial setup for 2.1, I then allowed the phone to complete loading all of the Sense UI, etc... once done, I restarted the phone one more time, just to be sure it finalized everything in there and to load a fresh start so I can then begin to reinstall all my apps.

This should bring you to a fresh installation of the HTC Hero by Sprint. This SHOULD take care of any software issues, automatic restarts, Sprint Navigator issues, etc... This worked very well for me and I hope that it helps anyone else out there. Good luck and take care guys!!!

PS. If you don't have all of your apps backed up, the very first time (and first time only) that you start up the Market, goto the downloads section. There it should contain a list of all your previously installled apps that you had prior to the update. Be careful though, because once you exit out of the Market after that first start of it, they will disappear. So try to install them all (or the ones you want) first before exiting the Market app.

Good luck to all and thank you Sprint for finally issuing this much needed update!!! Hope to see more updates in the future.


When pressing back to return to home screen (as opposed to just pressing home key) the SenseUI interface will have to reload occasionally(takes about 1-2 mins), not sure what that's about only happens after texting or using browser so far. Very slow performance when initiating a call from "people" and when phone is unlocked it's unresponsive for about 5-10 seconds initially.


Yeah, that can be very annoying. There were a few instances, well many actually, where mine would have to reload Sense UI also. That sucks. Since doing what I posted about in my last post, my phone has actually been running like a 'champ'. I haven't had any reboots/reloads, not problems accessing anything whatsoever yet, it's been like a brand new phone. I just wanted to post what worked for me to fix the issues and hope that maybe it'd help some other people out that have had that (or similar) issues as well. Let me know if you decide to try what I did or not and if you do, I'd like to know how it works out for you, if you wouldn't mind. N/e way, good luck with u'r issues. Sucks that these are popping up, of course, I expected some, but nothing like what I was experiencing earlier prior to the reset / rewipe / reinstall.


These are the issues i'm experiencing.

1. The HTC Sence UI seems to reboot itself (sporatically), the last time it did that was when I was using the Google Listen Application and clicked on the Home Button.

2. The phone seems to be running slow in general, the ui seems a whole lot less responsive.

p.s. I would really like the 2.2 release on the hero, that seems to be really really sweet.


I'm with you on wishing / hoping to see the 2.2 update someday on our hero. From what I've been seeing is that due to software tweaks, the new 2.2 is able to process things MUCH quicker than 2.1. I guess it was like a 400% increase or something crazy like that on the snapdragon processor. The only thing I'm worried about is the lacking processor power with our hero. I hope that our hardware won't hinder our ability to be upgraded to the new 2.2 in the future (hopefully the near future). Let's keep our fingers crossed!!!


Ok, im also experiencing the same issues with my HTC Hero... I take it that HTC may have been having these problems during the development of android 2.1 onto a slower processor. The talk of adding android 2.2 is not going to solve these issues due to the need of processor power and ram/rom memory that the HERO is married to. For months the "COMMUNITY"  has bashed SPRINT/HTC for not developing the new software fast enough, and now that its here, we got some issues to address. Issues im sure will be updated at a later time i hope. Ladies and Gents, i think we've seen the "Hero's processor potential max out"!  Nevertheless, im ready for the EVO....


i was going to try the update but after reading all the issues with it i think Android 1.3  is working just fine unless someone can tell me what 2.1 has to offer to make it worth all the trouble?  i love new tech but if it ain't broke then why fix it right?


Well im having the same issues. Ever since i updated to 2.1 my phone has been super laggy. This was from start no apps on the phone no type of data transfered to the phone. Once i transfered all my data it just got worse from there. Where i couldnt go into the message inbox without it taking forever and sometimes not even being able to run the message app, and forcing me to close it. Next was random numbers would call my phone and sometimes it would take forever trying to answer them or crash. These problems happen both just bare software and transfered data and apps. Im really tired of this, and im thinking of just giving sprint a call tomorrow and complaining horribly and just asking them to ship me a another phone. I will not suggest anyone to update to 2.1 this phone can not handle this rom at all, and it makes no sense to me why they would release it on this phone. My next option is just going ahead and getting a evo. The hero was nice while it last, i got over the small bugs but 2.1 just killed my taste for the phone. Anyone talk to sprint yet about what they plan on doing about this? Because it seems like everyone is having this problem and im not willing to wait on them to fix it. Im missing important business calls and emails because of this issue.

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