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HTC Hero 2.1 Update Problems/Issues since update:


HTC Hero 2.1 Update Problems/Issues since update:

I just wanted to post a couple of issues that I've noticed with my HTC Hero by Sprint since updating to the new Android 2.1 RUU issued by Sprint on May 19, 2010. Since the update, the following problems have arisen:

1. When opening any number of different apps from the Android Market and/or apps that were included with the update, the phone will reboot itself automatically.

2. When receiving calls, there is a long lag between when the other party hears their phone ringing and when I actually receive the call on my Hero. Sometimes its only 3-4 rings before it registers on my phone. Other times, it's 5-6 or sometimes I won't even receive the call at all and will eventually get a notice that I missed a call and that I have a voicemail.

3. When opening the Sprint Navigation app, intially (prior to opening it following a reboot/turn on) the app will get to the point where it needs to contact the server for sign-in (or something) and then the phone will automatically reboot itself. Following the reboot, the phone will turn on, but the network is unavailable. When opening the Sprint Nav app after automatic reboot (caused by the app in the first place) then the app runs to the point where it tries to sign in, but said that 'Sprint navigation is not available'. Also, the network does not work for any other programs on the device. The only way to correct this problem, is to reboot the phone again manually. Then, if you try to open the Sprint Nav app again, the problem starts over from the beginning again, resulting in another automatic phone reboot.

4. There is still lag when programs are open (of course, probably due to the hardware specs or the lack there of =D ).

If anyone else has noticed any additional problems, please continue this discussion so as to bring these issues to Sprint's attention. Hopefully, they'll hear their customers and have some type of solution for them. Thanks guys!

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BillZM wrote:

To both Zekester91 and dvancott500:

Re: task killers, I have experimented with quite a number of them and found Rhythm's Task Manager to be FAR better at extending battery life than  most of the others.  I was achieving 6-8% awake time and battery life of 36+ hours on Sprint Hero OS1.5.  The Rhythm software takes some effort on your part to get the applications set up in the Auto Kill list and Ignore lists though.  I just open Task Manager and any application running by surprise or still running after I've backed out I add to Auto Kill.  In the Ignore List I have Task Manager itself, Clock, Footprints, Peep, Stocks, People, and Slacker radio. People is the only ap I have in both lists. Auto Kill executes whenever the screen turns off automatically or manually.  You can include system aps in the lists if you choose, but there's no real need and killing some will cause a reboot.

That said, after the 2.1 update, before putting Rhythm Task Manager back on the phone, my phone was awake 100% and I was experiencing horrible battery drain.  I followed one of the links earlier in this thread and played with the test menu and the radio setting (CDMA auto); not sure if this made a difference or not as the phone already showed CDMA auto.  Then I also put Rhythm Task Manager back on the phone as above. Battery life still isn't back to where I had it under 1.5, but it's tolerable at around 15% awake time and perhaps 24 hours of life after charging.

I'm guessing there are still further tweaks that can help.

1) So I am beginning to believe the poor signal at work is part of the cause in my lower battery life. Heavy drain at work and the no signal % under the battery management icon goes up significnalty at work. While at home overnight the battery did not seem to lose too much. Maybe its searching too much for a signal at work. Would OS 2.1 search for a signal any diff than OS1.5?

2) Regarding Task Killers. I read the link from Androidiuos about Android OS not needing task killers and that they dont do much. Then I read BillZM and wonder whose right? Is there a clear yes or no to the effectiveness of Task Killers?

3) One other item with 2.1. I have 3 mail accounts set up and shortcuts on my home screen. I have them each set up to download mail at diff time intervals. Under OS 2.1 everytime I click on a mail account and open it it goes and checks for new messages. I don't need it to do that as sometimes I am just going in to read an old message or read one I passed over earlier. Is this a new setting? I don't believe OS 1.5 did that?

I appreciate reading everyones comments!


I recently updated my HTC Hero from 1.5 to 2.1.  Most things are working fine, the OS seems quicker and more responsive, and less lag.  I am still evaluating it, but my biggest problem right now is random shutdowns.  I have been unable to recreate the issue, nor can I pinpoint the cause.  The phone will go into a standby mode after 30 seconds.  When I attempt to wake it, most of the time it will come back without issue, but occasionally the phone will turn on, as if it has lost power or shutdown while in standby.  There is no specific length of time before this occurs.  Additionally, when waking from standby, the mobile network connection will be active, but no longer connected.  A reboot seems to be the only thing which resolves this issue.

So far, I have reset to factory twice and reinstalled the RUU twice, once following Sprint's instructions, and once following Androidius' post to the letter.

I have seen quite a few other users with the same problem.  Has anyone encountered a solution yet?

Thanks in advance!


I am having a similiar problem.  When I am in an app and hit the home button, the phone will randomly boot and load HTC sense.  What's up with that?


as other poster mentioned only fix is go to sprint store and they will exchange for another one. After all tries failed I went to SPrint store yesterday and they did factory reset and then loaded 2.1 again. After an hour they came out and send they need to order a replacement for me and it will take couple of days. They have lot of new HTC heros in the store and I am not sure why they don't give one of those as replacements and why they need to order. I guess they may give me a refurb. Too bad now I have to go and get invisible shield again for 30 bucks to put on new phone.


Somewhat off-topic but responding to the comment re: invisible shield... I've been operating without one for 3-1/2 months and see no scratches whatsoever on the screen.  Of course I don't drop my phone or have it somewhere with keys rubbing against it or anything like that.  I have the HTC gel case on it (with screen exposed) and carry it by itself in a shirt or pants pocket.  I'm also somewhat conscious of cleaning hands if I've been gardening or picking up any dirt on hands which might scratch the screen. But not unduly careful and no scratches.  I'm willing to tolerate a few light scratches over a 2-3 year life though. I believe the Hero screen material is one of these that resists fingerprints. Not sure if a screen film would help or hurt visibility, but doubt it could help. My 2 cents.

Re: the comment as to whether automatic task killers extend battery life, I can say definitively that they do help with OS1.5, and early indications are for OS2.1 too (but perhaps not as much).  Of the ones I tried, Rhythm Task Manager was by far the best; read the market comments too; some claim under OS1.5 that it tripled their battery life; I think that's perhaps not a stretch.  I'd have claimed at least double for me, 36 hours + vs 18 or so, while other task killers might have extended life 30% or so, perhaps not enough to notice (given variability in daily usage).


Since I see we are all posting problems here, maybe I will post mine to and see if anybody can help. I recently upgraded my hero to 2.1. Now, no matter where I go, I cant get my data service to go into EVDO. It always stays in 1X. I remember on the old android 1.5, there was an option to set which data you wanted your phone to use, allowing EVDO only, 1X only, or hybrid. I cannot find any such menu in the new settings on 2.1. I am wondering if I am missing something, or if it really isnt there. Any help would be appreciated.


dvancott.      At you item number 3. There is a setting in the mail box. Go into the mail and click the menu button . This brings up the bar on the bottom. Hit more, then settings. Go to the general settings, and the thing should be at the bottom. It asks "Refresh on open". Just unclick this and it should be fixed.


Has anyone had issue with taking like 3-4 hrs to have a fully charged phone after the update to 2.1....for me i've let the battery run down to the point where the messege says time to charge with so and so % left and still have to wait 3-4 hrs to have the phone fully charged....thanks for your help....any tips/ideas can be e-mailed to me at...tcml1981@yahoo.com


Great xda-developers post, I'm a bit more comforted about how application processes start, begin, end, resume.  However, its clear some apps go on unnessesarily if resources are available.  I presume the value choice here is responsiveness (if that app or process is called up again by the user) rather than lowest resource use.  So, I use a task killer selectively.  I don't end processes that support core system or phone functions, but I do kill items clearly not needing to run, i.e. there's no reason my Browser needs to keep running once I'm finished web surfing, or that my USA Today app continue running once I've finished reading the news.  Having said that, one of the biggest power draws is screen illumination, so spending lots of time aggressively killing tasks will be a drain as well.


Hey rgzierk, I've experienced the same problem with a lack of over-the-network data connectivity for weather, messages, mail, exchange, etc. after phone turning the phone off.  I often turn off my phone completely overnight, and turn it back on again in the morning.

I've discovered that if I have kept the Wi-Fi radio ON at phone shut down, and therefore ON when I turn the phone back on, and the phone actually connects to a Wi-Fi network, the over-the-air network data problem does not occur.  You can even turn OFF the Wi-Fi radio after the phone's initial start-up and data synch, and over-the-air data connectivity continues after that point, but if I have the Wi-Fi off at phone shut down and subsequent power up, I get the broken data connectivity problem again.

Thanks for your solution about updating the Profile and PRL!  That will help me when I power up in an area where there's no Wi-Fi hotspot to connect to.  I agree it sucks to have to do these workarounds at each power-up.

Ultimately, I may have to try Androidious'  recommendation of a complete factory reset and reload of 2.1 to see if it will permanently solve the over-the-network data connectivity fault.


In my case, at least, the complete wipe (factory reset) of the 2.1 RUU does work to prevent reboots for a period of time, sometimes days go by and my phone is working like a champ but then something happens. I believe that something has to do with the geo-location mechanism in the phone, I live in NYC so I go below and above ground (in an out of cell-service) pretty often, occasionally when I pop up and try to use any application that utilizes GPS and in particular a sort of triangulation the phone will occasionally get caught in some sort of freeze that I am eventually able to back out of. However, the next and subsequent attempts for any program to use that GPS service are met with a reboot that does nothing to solve the problem. At this point I have wiped my phone on three occasions to fix this and it's become pretty darned annoying to get my phone back into shape every time. I am 99% positive that this is location-related and would love some advice on the matter.


I just read the original post for these problems, I had the same issues after my update.

When I was running 1.5 it would restart itself randomly without doing anything. I was told by a Sprint repair rep that tha app killer programs mess up the registry and will eventually cause you to have to rest the phone, which I had to. I did not reinstall the app killer app. same issue with random restarts. So, I FINALLY get the official 2.1 update installed and shazam, my phone becomes a complete nightmare.

1) If I tried Sprint NAV, of Googe Nav, Browse to Google.com, or use Yellow Pages app it would restart.

2) Trying to place a call, I would click a contact and it would take anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes to place the call, in the mean time I would press it again, and when I would get connected, it would attampt to call the person again and i wuold loose the call all together.

3) It was more responsive, loaded faster and seemed smoother, for about an hour after a restart that I inniciated then it would just crap.

So, I got a replacement from Sprint 4 days ago. All seemed well at first. No restart issues, apps worked, phone call were normal. Now, slowly but surely it is begining to do the exact same things that my previous Hero did.

I HATE this phone. I am holding out for a about a week then I am going to go in to Sprint and raise some stink about it. I feel the HERO was a grass roots Android phone and is a lemon. I am hoping the EVO with its faster proc and newer tech will fix all these issues. I am also hoping that Sprint wil work with me on this. I do NOT want another HERO. I have a riend with the HERO, and he is experiencing almost the same things I am, and also now hates it.

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