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HTC Hero 2.1 Update Problems/Issues since update:


HTC Hero 2.1 Update Problems/Issues since update:

I just wanted to post a couple of issues that I've noticed with my HTC Hero by Sprint since updating to the new Android 2.1 RUU issued by Sprint on May 19, 2010. Since the update, the following problems have arisen:

1. When opening any number of different apps from the Android Market and/or apps that were included with the update, the phone will reboot itself automatically.

2. When receiving calls, there is a long lag between when the other party hears their phone ringing and when I actually receive the call on my Hero. Sometimes its only 3-4 rings before it registers on my phone. Other times, it's 5-6 or sometimes I won't even receive the call at all and will eventually get a notice that I missed a call and that I have a voicemail.

3. When opening the Sprint Navigation app, intially (prior to opening it following a reboot/turn on) the app will get to the point where it needs to contact the server for sign-in (or something) and then the phone will automatically reboot itself. Following the reboot, the phone will turn on, but the network is unavailable. When opening the Sprint Nav app after automatic reboot (caused by the app in the first place) then the app runs to the point where it tries to sign in, but said that 'Sprint navigation is not available'. Also, the network does not work for any other programs on the device. The only way to correct this problem, is to reboot the phone again manually. Then, if you try to open the Sprint Nav app again, the problem starts over from the beginning again, resulting in another automatic phone reboot.

4. There is still lag when programs are open (of course, probably due to the hardware specs or the lack there of =D ).

If anyone else has noticed any additional problems, please continue this discussion so as to bring these issues to Sprint's attention. Hopefully, they'll hear their customers and have some type of solution for them. Thanks guys!

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I was having the same issues after the 2.1 upgrade (except for Sprint Navigator which I don't use) Sense UI rebooting, phone rebooting on it's own, apps crashing left and right, huge lags when trying to open text messages, etc. I also had another weird issue with landscape oriented text entry, whereas a strange grey box would cover the actual text I had typed or was still continuing to type. I had to keep switching orientation in order to get rid of the gray box. I'm not sure if this was a result from either the installation of Swype or the Voice to Text keyboard, or just another bug associated with the 2.1 update.

I followed your instructions to the letter, (btw, the hard reset doesn't seem to work unless you press and HOLD the end call key while you're holding down the Home and Back keys), and it worked. It's been a few days and my phone hasn't taken it upon itself to reboot, or reboot the Sense UI once. Market hasn't crashed, nor have my apps. I reinstalled Swype and the Voice to Text keyboard, and no more weird grey box appearing whenever I input text in landscape mode. Both Swype and the Voice to Text keyboard work perfectly!

One other thing I noticed, when your phone is already running 2.1 and you want to run Sprints 2.1 upgrade installer again, it seems you must press the Sync to PC option on your phone for the installer to recognize the phone while it's connected via USB. I also had to uncheck USB debugging (?). Sorry I'm not a PC user, so I don't normally use the Sync app and can't remember the exact check box- it was USB something or other!

A little more info, my phone is less than a month old, which could be why this worked so well. Also I installed the update on a Mac computer, running Parallels 5 & Windows XP SP3 (a virtual Windows environment that runs while in the Mac OS), this may account for the need to not just plug the phone into the computer via USB cable, but to press the Sync to PC option on the phone before the 2.1 Upgrade would work.

Anyway, thank you for your clear instructions! I can't afford an EVO until the price drops to $99 and I thought my new Hero had become useless after the update, so I'm pretty happy I don't have to go back to my dumb phone. My phone seems to be very responsive, just like it was when I first got it. I noticed there are a lot of threads popping up regarding the same bug issues reported at the beginning of your thread, hopefully your instructions will help them as well.

Now if something could be done about that ring lag!


I've been having trouble with my phone since updating from android 2.1 as well.  I updated yesterday.

I was running 1.5, and before updating, I backed up all my contacts using HTC Sync (on a Win7 64 computer). Then I backed up my programs using Astro file manager to my SD card.  I removed my SD card and started the update.

After the update finished, and before I'd even put the sd card back in, I had a random restart.  After getting the phone on again, I restored my apps from my sd card.  I had several restarts just that day. I thought there might be something wrong with the programs, so I tried to go to the application manager ( I was about to check the name in the settings, but had another restart just now, and one about 10 mins ago before that) to see if I could uninstall them, and it had to Force Shutdown the app manager.  I decided I would just download and copy over all the apps, and did so.  Nothing has really changed anything.  The mobile network wasn't working till I updated PRL and profile like someone suggested.  I'm going to try to wipe the phone and sdcard and reinstall 2.1 and see what happens.  I really don't think that there should have been problems this bad by the time they released it.


Hey guys.

I had the same issues after the update to 2.1, so I followed Androidious' instructions to the letter and reflashed my phone.

It made no difference.  I have the same random reboots (mostly after hanging up from a phone call) and the same issue with no data connection upon boot.  (That problem is easily fixed by switching mobile network off and back on.)

So... I'm left with a great phone with a great OS that's very, very buggy and unreliable.  What now?  Based on their previous track record, I doubt very seriously that Sprint will address this issue.

Bottom line is this really sucks.  My stock Hero running 1.5 worked fine and had no issues whatsoever.  Limited OS, but a solid phone.  Now I'm stuck with a great, much improved OS but a totally unreliable phone.

Sigh.  Great job, Sprint.  Thanks for rewarding me for my 10+ years of brand loyalty!


I also did the instructions with no better results.   I went to a Sprint store today and told them, I even told them there are a lot of people on this forum with the same problem.  ,  they took it for about 30 min and came back and said they did not find anyone else with this problem and thought it might be a problem with the battery so they replaced the battery.  I told them to check the forum again as I would probably have to bring it back,  and took the phone and left.   Not sure what they really did but so far today no problems??   I will let you know how it goes over time.



Androidious wrote:


Have you tried to completely drain your battery yet and then fully charging it (to 'reset' it's memory per se)? I also noticed a larger than normal battery drain when first going to the new 2.1 update, but then, found somewhere that our batteries have a charge/discharge memory that is used to optimize battery discharge and by completely draining it (until you can't turn on the phone at all) and then after the drain, allowing it to charge 100% before doing anything with it, it helps out this problem? This method helped mine out a lot. I now get the normal battery life I used to get when I was on 1.5. Of course, you have to do the complete drain/full charge and then charge/discharge as normal (making sure not to completely let it drain again as doing this too much can lower battery life) by just letting it be on during the day and putting on the charger at night when I go to sleep or something. After a couple of days, I noticed it was much better again.

I also did increase my syncing intervals for facebook, weather, etc. Facebook was at like 2 hrs, I made it 3, changed weather to like 3 or 4 hours too. That also helped I'm sure. But the new 2.1 is much more web driven, in that it uses a lot of web data for a lot of apps, and so you have to be careful what kinds of widgets you're using and how often they're set to sync with the 'net, etc... Hope that helps a little for you

Hi Androidious:

Yes I actually did the drain and re charge last night and it was during the day today where the battery was horrible. I deleted ATK (task killer) earlier today and totally recharged the phone and it appears to be stable but I have not used the phone at all this afternoon/evening. its been 4 hr 45 m since I unplugged it and it is still almost fully charged. Under the cell standby details it says time without a signal 51%. Is there any chance the phone is searching for a signal differently in 2.1? Coverage in my office is very poor.

I'll see what tomorrow brings.


My phone reboots almost everytime I unlock the screen by either pushing the menu button or red end button. THis started happening since I upgrade it to 2.1 this afternoon


After reading about the multiple issues and problems people were having with the update, I decided to precisely follow these instructions as you laid them out.  I must admit, the idea of wiping my phone had me a little nervous, and the idea of losing all of my apps was annoying, but I figured I would go this route and hope for the best.  Also, I figured if I totally killed my phone I could just get an Evo when it came out.

Well, I am glad I followed these steps.  I have been running the 2.1 update for 3 days now and I am SO thrilled.  My phone is MUCH faster than when it was running 1.5.  The internet is faster, programs are faster, there's very little if any lag on anything.  Plus, the setup of 2.1 is much cleaner and crisper than 1.5.  It is much more user friendly and intuitive.  I have experienced absolutely NONE of any of the problems listed in this discussion.  This is finally what I thought my Hero could be.

Thanks so much for the step-by-step instructions for how to wipe my phone and install 2.1.  I will never really know if I could have just updated to 2.1 and been fine as is, but based on all the complaints popping up here and all over the internet, I have to think your advice at least played a part in my phone running as smoothly as it does now.  Also, I was able to get to the market and get most of my apps back.  You weren't kidding, it only works on the first time you visit the market after the update.  Once you close out that first session, goobye downloaded app list.

Thanks for the advice, and thanks for helping me finally enjoy my Hero!


To both Zekester91 and dvancott500:

Re: task killers, I have experimented with quite a number of them and found Rhythm's Task Manager to be FAR better at extending battery life than  most of the others.  I was achieving 6-8% awake time and battery life of 36+ hours on Sprint Hero OS1.5.  The Rhythm software takes some effort on your part to get the applications set up in the Auto Kill list and Ignore lists though.  I just open Task Manager and any application running by surprise or still running after I've backed out I add to Auto Kill.  In the Ignore List I have Task Manager itself, Clock, Footprints, Peep, Stocks, People, and Slacker radio. People is the only ap I have in both lists. Auto Kill executes whenever the screen turns off automatically or manually.  You can include system aps in the lists if you choose, but there's no real need and killing some will cause a reboot.

That said, after the 2.1 update, before putting Rhythm Task Manager back on the phone, my phone was awake 100% and I was experiencing horrible battery drain.  I followed one of the links earlier in this thread and played with the test menu and the radio setting (CDMA auto); not sure if this made a difference or not as the phone already showed CDMA auto.  Then I also put Rhythm Task Manager back on the phone as above. Battery life still isn't back to where I had it under 1.5, but it's tolerable at around 15% awake time and perhaps 24 hours of life after charging.

I'm guessing there are still further tweaks that can help.


Have there been other complaints about garbled SMSs??


I have to say the only problem I have had sunce the upgrade (leaked version)  is battery drain.  the first couple of days it was horrible loosing over 50% overnight with no use.  I rebooted the phone and ever since it has been great.  with regular use throughout the day and sitting overnight less than 50% drain.  I don't run alot of aps but do text quite abit during the day and surf the internet.  BTW I left the bluetooth turned on yesterday at least 18 hours and still less that 50%.


So I have tried some of the above.....I still am getting a battery life that take2 me without charging for only about 8 hours. This battery thing is so deflating. Any other announcements or suggestions would be helpfull. Is anyone experienceing where when you receive a text using a third party app that it still brings up random programs?


My biggest issue after the update is that my alarms are no longer functional and reliable. I do not kill the clock process in my app manager. I check the volume levels periodically throughout the day. But my alarms are not going off all the time. I could set a test alarm for two minutes from now and it will go off at full volume with no problems - but it seems like if I leave the phone for awhile, the alarm won't activate. And I notice that when I do turn the phone on, the clock does not show the actual time, and it will update and change. Could this have something to do with it?

This is a big issue for me because I set alarms for everything. The reason I got rid of my last phone was because the alarm was unreliable. I may have to do the same thing with my Hero unless this problem is resolved.

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