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HTC Hero battery, freezing, and charger


HTC Hero battery, freezing, and charger

I decided for my 20th birthday to purchase the HTC Hero as a gift to my self back in April. Ever since I got the phone I have had nonstop issues with it freezing, charger coming undone to show the wires, and now the battery will not charge. I had my charger replaced within the first week of having the phone then when I went back with the same issue of the wires showing within the next two weeks they said sorry can't replace it. So I ended up having to go to Walmart to buy a charger and guess what it has lasted a lot longer than the one Sprint gave me and the one recieved with the phone. Then issues of it freezing came up where I could not text nor call nor get on the internet without it freezing it became impossible to do anything with it. I took it to the Sprint store they said it was fixed well no it wasn't not til the recent update came available for downloading. Well now the battery won't take or hold a charge after the update I have only had this phone less than 6 months. They gave me another battery to use while they send me a new one but it won't hold a charge or the phone won't turn on. How does Sprint figure with the issues that the HTC Hero has been giving me that its worth even keeping? I use my phone for work and to keep in touch with people but not having a phone for a issue with the battery is getting pretty stupid fast.

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