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HTC Hero exchange support bug with Zimbra


HTC Hero exchange support bug with Zimbra

There appers to be some coding errors that is causing issues with Zimbra mail server which supports exchange sync. The HTC Hero comes with exchange sync which works well with Zimbra, except that sending emails fails. Composed emails just gets stuck in the "Out" folder on the phone. This Bug has been confirmed by Zimbra as a device issue (Bug# 41145). The message composed on the device has an invalid Content-Transfer-Encoding like this:
Content-Type: text/html;
        charset= utf-8 (note the space)
Content-Transfer-Encoding: utf-8
Content-Disposition: inline
Because (  utf-8) is not a valid Content-Transfer-Encoding, javamail parser is choking on that.

Will the update to android 2.1 fix this issue as 2.1 supports native active sync and has been tested to support zimbra mail server are will htc keep the current mail app and hopefuly fix the encoding issue.

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Re: HTC Hero exchange support bug with Zimbra

It's getting shot up and across the food chain.  Thanks for the report!

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