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HTC/Sprint should update Adobe Flash Player


HTC/Sprint should update Adobe Flash Player

I know everyone has their update on the hero recently.

I know everyone wants android 2.0 already for the hero...I can't blame them

One things for sure is that when android 2.0 comes, will that upgrade effect the current flash player?

Because right now, certain sites that have flash content cannot be played because of lack of support.

SO...HTC should talk to adobe and have them at least upgrade Flash Lite or really put flash player 10 for Hero or all android devices?

What do you guys think?


Re: HTC/Sprint should update Adobe Flash Player

I think that the real Flash support we are all waiting for will not come any time soon to the Hero (or any other Android devices).

According to Adobe, Flash 10.1 requires Android 2.0.  We should have Android 2.0 fairly soon, but Adobe's timeline for launching Flash Player 10.1 could extend until June 2010.

Does anyone know how Flash support is working so far on the Motorola Droid (it being the only device so far with Android 2.0)?


Re: HTC/Sprint should update Adobe Flash Player

Wow that's a long wait for adobe to make their full upgrade.

I think I'll just wait for android 2.0 for the mean time cause I hear thats coming pretty soon.

hey drdrr

how did you get a screen capture? is yours rooted?


Re: HTC/Sprint should update Adobe Flash Player

Hey, no my Hero is not rooted.  The image is captured from AndroidandMe, but not via my Hero.

According to Adobe Labs, a "beta Flash 10.1 is expected to be available for Palm webOS later this year [2009]."  There is no mention of a pre-release for any other handheld devices.

I can wait a little bit for Flash.  But I am very anxious for Android 2.0 combined with Sense UI on the Hero.


Re: HTC/Sprint should update Adobe Flash Player

A true flash player has not yet been released by Adobe for the Android platform, (or any other mobile platform for that matter)

They are working on it, and should have a full fledged flash player available early 2010.

One of the main problems is that flash uses an *incredible* amount of CPU, and other system resources.  It is notoriously ineficient, on ANY computer.  Until Adobe can optimize it for low-powered ARM-based CPUs you would not be happy with the performance anyway.

Really, our best hope for the long-run is HTML5, and getting "broadcasters" to start using that in place of Flash.

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Re: HTC/Sprint should update Adobe Flash Player

Adobe should release an update - they've been talking about it for a long time.

But the ball is in their court - the free flash player isn't their core revenue model, so it may not have the priority that other (high cost, high profit) apps have.

Adobe has a 'Wish form' on their website:

You could ask them for updated Flash support on Android devices.

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