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HTC Sync won't sync with Sprint HTC Hero


HTC Sync won't sync with Sprint HTC Hero

I am having problems syncing my HTC Hero to my computer. I have only managed to successfully sync it once in October of last year running Windows XP.

My current operating system is Windows 7 (32-bit).

I try to plug my phone in via USB, and my computer recognizes it, but HTC Sync does not. It will not pop up when plugged in. I downloaded the newest version (2.0.33) and still no luck. I have disabled my avast! antivirus software and my Panda USB-vaccine program, but still nothing.

Please, I would love any help.



Re: HTC Sync won't sync with Sprint HTC Hero

At least you were able to download the HTC Sync to your pc. I have been downloading for over an hour and it is still only on 4 meg out of 38. I don't know why it is taking so long but I am about to give up. It could be because everyone is trying to download it all at the same time so the site may be bogged down, I don't know, but I can't download the update until I get the updated sync software on the pc first.


Re: HTC Sync won't sync with Sprint HTC Hero

My guess is you are downloading from the HTC site. Cancel that download and find it on Softpedia. They have a mirror of HTC Sync, the current version.

Download it from there, it will go by faster.

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