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Hero FAQ's from the Sprint team

Sprint Product Ambassador

After playing with the Hero for a few days, folks at Sprint came up with a few questions - not many really; it's a boring phone and just works.  (boring phone is boring - and amazingly functional)

What happens when I power the phone on?

  • When you turn on the phone for the first time, you are provide a touch screen tutorial and you will be given options to let you quickly set up various accounts, such as Google Account, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, and Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, and other email accounts.

Do I need a Google account to buy apps from the Android Marketplace?

  • Yes, you must have or create a Google account in order to download from the Android Market

Do I have to consent to the Google location service agreement?

  • Yes, you must consent to Google location service to  automatically update the World Clock; to use the Weather app  and to use Sprint Navigation.  (They all use GPS location or time signals)

I heard a reminder while I was on a call, but I don't see it.  Where'd it go?

  • When using the phone, your phone will prompt you if you have another call on the other line (you can pull the phone away from your face to see who it is) or if you have a reminder set (e.g., you will hear the same noise; however, you will not see the reminder when you pull the phone away from your face). After you disconnect from the phone, your reminder will pop-up.

Mute - where is it?  (we live on conference bridges.  I'm on one as I type this. 3,000 minutes a month.  Mute is critical)

  • When on a conference call, you can mute the phone by selecting the back button to wake up the phone and then Menu. From Menu, you can select Mute. To unmute, follow the same steps and select unmute.   (sorry, no hardware mute button, no fast mute switching a-la Blackberry). (admin: Someone make an app for that!)

Rev0 - I thought it was RevA:

  • See this blog post about it.  (it's a display bug)

When will we get a maintenance release (MR) or Android 1.6 / 2.0?

  • Sprint is committed to providing the best experience on your Android phone, and that means fixing bugs and providing upgrades to the latest software.  However, we don't comment on future releases or unreleased software.  Keep an eye on the forums for the latest news, updates and information when we have a firm release date for fixes or upgrades.