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Hero internal phone storage (started @42mb, now @85mb)


Hero internal phone storage (started @42mb, now @85mb)

I found out were a bunch of my internal phone storage was being consumed and after I deleted it, I went from a mere 42mb to 85mb.

First, I tried removing one or two applications and cleared cache from multiple applications in mange applications, but I still could not get above 42mb of available internal phone storage on my 1.5 Hero.

Anyway, I didn't want to clear data on the HTC Mail app in manage applications because I didn't want to have to re-setup all my mailbox accounts. So, I finally noticed I had a bunch of garbage inside the 'TRASH' and 'SENT' folders of each of my HTC Mail 'pop/smtp' (not-IMAP) accounts.  So, I went into each of these pop/smtp email accounts on my Hero and I removed all the email inside the 'trash' and 'sent' folders and reclaimed over 40mb of internal storage!  I did have each HTC Mail mailbox set to save attachments to external storage, but it was mostly a lot of the emails formatted in HTML with plenty of graphics in them like stuff from Sprint promotions, Amazon, Best Buy, Radio Shack, and various other retailers which were just stuck in the trash folders of the HTC Mail app.

Why do I need a SMTP trash folder on a mobile device anyway?

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