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Sprint Product Ambassador

Re: Hero is SOOOO LAGGY!

Just a question - is everyone updated to 1.56?  My Hero was unusably slow before the 1.56 update.  Now it's smooth, fast and functional.  Running Exchange, Gmail, Twitdroid Pro and a half-dozen widgets.

(side note - great thread!)

Product Ambassador, long time Sprint employee

Re: Hero is SOOOO LAGGY!

Hey DF. I have 5 HTC Heros and every single one of them are SLOW! This phone sucks ass. I will NEVER by another HTC. Verizon here I come!


Re: Hero is SOOOO LAGGY!

I would have to agree with this 100%.  I really made a huge mistake switching from the Blackberry 8830, butI needed a bigger screen to read contracts via email.

It get's worse as time goes on and I have no additional apps added to the HTC Hero.

What a huge mistake Sprint made with the release of this phone.

Mostly likely going back to my old phone.

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