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How do I get navigation to quit starting up when not needed.


How do I get navigation to quit starting up when not needed.

I have been trying to increase the battery life on my HTC hero and have used this site for some info on how to tweek some phone settings. It is still to early to tell if this has helped the battery drain as I just did the tweeks yesterday.  Sprint told me to install Advanced Task Killer to kill programs which were running in the background and (supposed to be) drawing down the battery. First, does anyone know if the programs running in the background pulls enough power to significantly reduce battery life? Second, Sprint Navigation will startup (in the background) almost immediately after I shut it down with the Advanced Task Killer. I cant find any settings that allow me stop it from starting up and running in the background. Any help with that. Like the phone a lot, but the battery drain is crazy. Some days I have to charge after 6-8 hours and Im not a real heavy user. Help Please,,,,,,,,

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Re: How do I get navigation to quit starting up when not needed.

You can't.  It's hardwired into the ROM.  Doesn't seem to hurt that much - 6 to 10 hours battery life isn't out of the ordinary.  The bigger culprits are your signal strength, freqency of mail updates, and other data intensive apps.  Sprint Navigation just starts up and sits in the background idle.  Saves on startup time when you do want to use it.

Thanks for posting though!

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