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How to Root Your HTC Hero for Sprint...


How to Root Your HTC Hero for Sprint...

Download links
Android SDK:
HTC Sync:
Hero Root:
You can download the wireless tethering app in the android market
Make Sure you have build number 2.27.651.5 if you have 2.27.651.6 then download and run the RUU utility. To see this... press home. Than Menu...Settings...About...Software Infromation...Software Number.
Step 1: Download the Android SDK.
Step 2: Extract the Android SDK zip. Move the contents of the extracted zip to C:\
Your Android tools folder path should now be C:\android-sdk-windows\tools.
Step 3: Download HTC Sync 2.0.33.
Run the installer, and reboot your computer when it is finished. Move on to step 4 once rebooted.
Step 4: Download the This zip contains everything you need to root your Hero.
Step 5: Extract the 3 files inside to the C:\android-sdk-windows\tools folder on your computer.
Step 6: Make sure USB Debugging is ON (checked) on your Hero. Go to Settings, Applications, Development, and make sure it is checked.
Step 7: Plug your phone into the computer via USB, Make sure that the connection type in the Notification Pull-Down Bar is "Charge Only", not "Disk Drive" or else this won't work.
If your computer asks you to restart after the new drivers were installed, do that now.
Step 8: Open a Command Prompt window by clicking the Start button and typing cmd into the search box and pressing enter.
It is also found under Start Menu, All Programs, Accessories , Command Prompt.
Step 9: You will now enter the commands that I have put in code boxes followed by pressing ENTER, one code at a time.
You may also copy/paste these commands in to the Command Prompt, pressing ENTER after each, one at a time.
Comments will be outside of the code boxes (do NOT type these into the Command Prompt as they just are to help describe the root process)

Code 1: cd C:\android-sdk-windows\tools
Code 2: adb devices

If you've been following this guide you will see your phone's serial number. If you get "device not found" error, you either need to make sure you the drivers were properly installed or make sure you enable USB debugging on your phone. Continue on once you get the proper phone serial output.

Code 3: adb push unrevoked /sdcard
Code 4: adb push recovery.img /sdcard
Code 5: adb push /sdcard
Code 6: adb shell
Code 7: sh /sdcard/unrevoked

Now, on your phone, go to your app tray, and you will see that the Superuser Permissions app is in it.
Open the Superuser Permissions app. You will see a blank screen.

Code 8: su

A prompt will appear on your Hero asking you to give /system/bin/sh privileges. Click Allow. Go back to your command prompt, and you should see
$ su

Code 9: flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery.img

Flashing the recovery may take many seconds to complete. Wait until the # symbol returns to proceed. You should now see
# flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery.img
flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery.img
This means it was a successful flash

Code 10: reboot recovery

Your phone will now boot to the custom recovery image you just flashed.

In the Recovery Menu on your phone, choose the option:
"Flash zip from sdcard"
Then select
press the Home button to apply.

Once Recovery says "Install from sdcard complete", you need to make a nandroid backup.

In the main menu or the Recovery Screen, you will see an option that says:
Choose that option, and then choose the option:
"Nand backup"
This can take up to 5 minutes, so be patient.
Once done, a nandroid backup of your phone will be created and saved to your sdcard.

When it is complete, hit the back button to return to the Main menu, and hit "Reboot system now" from the menu to reboot normally.

To disable OTA updates that will patch this exploit, (after rooting and booted after creating a nandroid backup) run the following commands from Command Prompt.

Code 11: cd C:\android-sdk-windows\tools
Code 12: adb remount
Code 13: adb shell
Code 14: mv /system/etc/security/ /system/etc/security/

After doing this, the OTA updates WILL still download, BUT they will not pass signature checks to flash because of the code you just entered.

You now have full root access on 2.1!

Sprint Product Ambassador

Re: How to Root Your HTC Hero for Sprint...

While you can root your Android phone, please be aware that any warranty claims for damage, errors or malfunctions while the phone is rooted may be denied.

Product Ambassador, long time Sprint employee

Re: How to Root Your HTC Hero for Sprint...

You do have a point but if any errors acour you can simply tell me and i will see to it that it gets fixed. The warrenty can be returned by simply running the ruu update utility.


Re: How to Root Your HTC Hero for Sprint...

Thanks for the tips.

I'm thrilled with the stock 2.1 as compared with the 1.5 it replaced.  I've tried searching the forums and can't find a definitive answer maybe can can enlighten me:

1) What is the big advantage to rooting now?  When 2.2 gets rooted I can see the advantage as sprint/htc will not support it, but if 2.1 works fine now, why risk bricking the phone?

2) Assuming I don't root now, the followup htc upgrade to 2.1,  2.27.651.6, is it really important?  Will it keep me from rooting in the future?

Sprint Product Ambassador

Re: How to Root Your HTC Hero for Sprint...

If you're happy with the phone now, don't change it.  :-)

Product Ambassador, long time Sprint employee

Re: How to Root Your HTC Hero for Sprint...

Biggest benefit is getting rid of some of the stock applications like Sprint TV, Nascar, etc and makes the phone run much much smoother.


Re: How to Root Your HTC Hero for Sprint...

So I rooted my HERO, it works nice a clean now.  How do I load 2.2? I so the thread on the 2.2 instruction but they are not so clear.  Can you provide me with detailed step by step instructions. THANKS!    


Re: How to Root Your HTC Hero for Sprint...

Putting 2.2 on your phone is fairly easy. However, you will need to backup your data and apps first.

The best way to do this is via the free 30-day trial of My Backup Pro from You will likely have to backup things to your memory card - when I tried backing up to their server, it told me that there wasn't enough space available (they limit online backups to 2MB for the free trial).

Once that's done, connect your phone to your computer and put it in Disk Drive mode.

Download both packages from and put them on your memory card by cutting them from the download location and pasting them to your phone.

Next, put your phone in Charge Only mode. Make sure USB Debugging is enabled.

Fire up command prompt and run the following commands:

cd C:\android-sdk-windows\tools

adb reboot recovery

Your phone will reboot into a recovery screen. Once this happens, choose "Wipe", then "Wipe data/factory reset".

After this, go back to the main recovery screen. Choose the "Flash zip from sdcard" option.

Scroll down and select the "cyanogenmod ..." option. Press the Home key to confirm this.

When you see "Install from SDCard Successful", choose the "Flash zip from sdcard" option again, and this time choose the "gapps" option.

Once you see "Install from SDCard Successful" again, choose "Reboot System Now" from the screen

That's about it. If you need additional help, visit the chatroom at


Re: How to Root Your HTC Hero for Sprint...

Oldiesmann wrote:

Putting 2.2 on your phone is fairly easy.


That's about it. If you need additional help, visit the chatroom at

Thanks for the very helpful post Oldiesmann.  Just to be clear, this is a rom in testing with bugs. 

A few quick questions for you Oldiesmann then I'll post my 2 cents worth on the current state of the rom for those who care to read it.

  1. My understanding is that 2.2 will greatly speed up existing hardware over 2.1.  True?
  2. What are the other major advantages you have found?
  3. Major bugs/disadvantages?

My 2 cents:

As of 26 jul from the site Oldiesmann linked.

"Hey guys, here's a testing hero cdma rom for you guys until we can get CDMA Hero into the nightlies (disregard the nightlies for the hero that are already on buildbot, thats for GSM). Please be aware your cat may be eaten by flashing this, and

it is experimental.   everything works except Camera preview and Video Camera"

The followup posts indicated that the camera was working with the updates but video still wasn't, some had problems with some of their protected software showing up in the market to re- download and there was one poster who reported his address book wasn't synching.

I'm very excited to see 2.2 has come this far but I personally will wait a while longer.  I'm disgusted that HTC/Sprint doesn't intend to pursue froyo.  It seems to be too big a jump over 2.1 that should have been made available instead of 2.1.  As much as I love the improvements that 2.1 made over 1.6, my understanding is that 2.2 is just as big a jump and if given a choice of waiting 4 more months for 2.2 I would have been happy to wait.  2.2 will likely be the last quantum improvement in android for the next year or two, 1.6 was a minor improvement over 1.6, 2.1 is a major improvement over 1.5 and 2.2 is a quantum improvement over 2.1 from all reports I've read.  I think the updates should be timed so your phone is not pathetically out of date less than a year after introduced. 

I am very glad that the cyogen folks are working so hard and making progress but I'm not in a position to deal with a nightly release such as 2.2 for cdma hero is nearly now, which if I remember correctly means that this is an alpha test, for those who are very brave to test to the point of a beta test.  I can't upgrade until november, hopefully by then cyogen will have worked out almost all the bugs ( I still have a few minor issues with the HTC 2.1! )


Re: How to Root Your HTC Hero for Sprint...

Yes, 2.2 does make your phone faster than 2.1.

The other major advantage I've found is built-in support for apps2sd - that is, the ability to install apps to your memory card. I already have an iPod Nano, so I won't be using my phone as a music player (the iPod has a built-in FM radio and more features than the music player on the phone does). In addition, you no longer have all the "bloat" that comes pre-installed on the phone which you may not want - Sprint apps (NFL, Nascar, TV, Navigation), HTC's less-than-useful Twitter app (Peep), Footprints (never did figure out what that was), etc. I've also found that the browser in Froyo is a major improvement over the one in 2.1, though it's hard to explain why - it seems faster and easier to use. I actually prefer it over Dolphin now.

There are various other minor advantages, mostly UI-related - ability to have text on the battery status indicator (eg batter percentage), home screen rotates when you turn your phone sideways (something that always annoyed me previously), screen rotates when you turn your phone clockwise as well, etc. There are a lot of little tweaks that you can make to the UI to customize it even more - including customizing the color of the status bar if you so desire.

The only major disadvantage is that you lose HTC's lovely Sense UI, which includes a nicer calendar, the "People" app, the ability to sync contacts through Flickr, the "world clock" app and various other things. I believe that Sprint's Visual Voicemail app won't work with Froyo either (though I have yet to confirm this - I was able to put it back on my phone, and it seemed to work, but I don't get much voicemail and have since switched to Google Voice simply because I don't want to have to put Visual Voicemail on my phone again everytime I flash to a new version).

The video camera and regular camera still aren't working in the version I have (CyanogenMod-6.0.0-Heroc-test with 2.6.29 kernel version), but there are other apps you can install in the meantime (such as Camera Magic and/or Qik). I don't use my camera much so this isn't a huge annoyance for me.

I have not experienced a problem with paid apps not showing up in the market. Because I backed up all my apps first, some apps that I downloaded through the market are not detected as being installed (for instance, the paid ones just say "Purchased" and the free ones say "Free" instead of "Installed"), but this is not a major issue - I can always just install them through the market again.

There are a couple more issues which I find more minor annoyances than anything - when you try to close a window in the browser, it force closes. Also, the LED sticks when you take your phone off the charger, but this is easily remedied by rebooting the phone or sending yourself a text message.

I do miss the HTC Sense UI some, but I prefer having more control over my phone and having a newer version of the OS with additional stability, improved speed, etc.

If bugs and possible problems are something you'd rather not deal with, then by all means wait until Cyanogen is stable. I'm fine with the few minor issues I've mentioned.

I too don't understand Sprint's reason behind not giving Froyo to the Hero - sure it takes a while to test everything and update things, but it seems to me that offering a solid mid-range Android phone with HTC's Sense UI and the promise that it will be getting Froyo in the near future would be much more profitable then telling them the phone is essentially unsupported even though they still want you to pay $150 for it.

I'm just glad that I didn't pay anywhere near $150 for mine - I got mine through for $20.


Re: How to Root Your HTC Hero for Sprint...

help please i downloaded and strated but get stuck on code 3 as my sd card does not show any of the files what am i doing wrong


Re: How to Root Your HTC Hero for Sprint...

well when i am in CMD and get to sh/sdcard/unrevoked it just says sh/sdcard/unrevoked:not found

any help ive been running into a wall every step to rooting.

ive dont all the software set up till this point just dunno what is holding it up.

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