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Keeping the HTC Hero clean


Re: Keeping the HTC Hero clean

I've tried the invisible shield, and I like them for some gadgets (like psp), but they seem too thick for touch devices, so if anyone has any good alternatives please feel free to throw them out there....

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Re: Keeping the HTC Hero clean

DaWeav wrote:

I'm patiently waiting for the HTC Hero (SPRINT) version of the Boxwave Anti-Glare to be available (I'm sure they will have one).  I had this Anti-Glare screen protector on the Instinct mainly because it was 'fingerprint free' and not to mention it did what it says it does in direct sunlight.

I got the non Sprint version of the Boxwave and it worked fine. I always get the Boxwaves for my devices. Problem is the screen is not as crisp with the anti-glare. My wifes is naked and it looks so much nicer. I might have to get the crystal version or go with the Invisible Shield.

When I bought the Hero at BB they had a working one for demo and had a Invisable Shield installed on it and it looked great. As far as the texture on the screen it was a little rubbery but fine for me. I might go back and have them install it. That way they can put it on until it's perfect. I've tried to install an Invisible Shield before myself and it looked like crap. I you can guarantee a perfect install why not for $7.

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