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MMS / Text Message Issues........"Download Unsuccessful"


Re: MMS / Text Message Issues........"Download Unsuccessful"

larryluv wrote:

I too have started having this "download message" issue when receiving any MMS message and it ends up saying, "download unsuccessful".  While I appreciate the suggested fix by users here (hard reset), I do not find that a suitable resolution.  I realize that I will not loose anything from the SD card but resetting every option, every app setting and reinstalling every app and loosing previous text messages, simply is not something I want to do, nor should I have to!

It is obvious there is an issue on Sprints end and they need to fix it.  To be honest, there has been issues with this phone and MMS since day one (stock messaging app and having to switch to handcent) and has gotten worse and a whole new set of issues appearing since the last MR.  Sadly, but typical, Sprint fails to even acknowlegde the issue.  While I love Sprint coverage, plans and pricing and have been a customer for 15 years, this is all starting to get a little old.  I have heard people say that it is just to be expected in a new phone and new platform and you should just automatically understand it and be willing to accept if you choose to buy it.  That is the dumbest argument I have ever heard.  Your telling me that if you go buy a brand new car and 1st year of the model that you should automatically expect to have issues and the car to not work properly from the time of purchase.  I don't think so.  Consumer protection laws and advocacy groups simply would not allow this happen yet in the wireless carrier and wireless handset business, it is considered acceptable.  That is just rediculous.  I just find it sad that I can go buy any cheap phone and get messages just fine and everything else on the phone functions as it should.  As I said, I love Sprint and I think these issues and complications are not subject to just them as a carrier.  I have heard enough complaints about every carrier out there to know that Sprint is not alone in these issues but asking that a company stand behind thier product, their service and be forthright in issues and providing customer service to visably and compentantly correct issues and such should not be something that is difficult.  You wouldnt expect any other form of business to operate in a different fashion and consider it acceptable, so why do it here.

Bottom line, I love my hero but these shortcummings are getting old.  The length in time that a problem is actually acknowleged and a fix is released is unacceptable.  I shouldnt have to go out of my way to login to this site to go through a lot of forum posts to see if others are experiencing the same problems which would mean that I am not alone.  Sprint should have the issue right on the front post as a sticky telling me that there is an issue, they realize it, they are working on it, here is the date it will be fixed.  Period.

For Sprint and any Sprint employee reading...........FIX MY PHONE AND THE MMS/TXT ISSUE!.........and no, I am not going to hard reset to do it.  If that is the only fix you can come up with (of course you haven't even acknowledged the problem yet, let alone a fix), then YOU can take the time to do it and put it back just the way it was when I dropped it off to you.  My time is money, and I do not have the time to spend doing it unless you plan on paying for my time by adjusting my bill.

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I refuse to sit here and blame Sprint. I too have the Hero and I experience this issue among VERY many other issues. I have been in contact with HTC about these issues non-stop since 10/29/2009 and the only thing I have gotten them to admit is wrong is that the Youtube app doesn't work. Every single other issue I have been given the run around about.

One thing needs to be clear though: Sprint does not develop or maintain the software on these phones. If it was a Sprint issue the HTC Hero wouldn't be the only phone that is having this problem.

This is up to HTC to fix, will they? I doubt it. They are completely worthless in my book and this Hero (having been replaced twice under warranty for software issues which the warranty replacement did not fix) is junk. This is my second HTC model and I can assure you that even though the first was a completely different OS (windows mobile) it was equally as bad.

What Sprint can do is be proactive.

The first question you should ask yourself is WHY DO YOU HAVE AN AWFUL HTC PHONE?

The answer is blatantly obvious: because we wanted it! Sprint delivered. This is not a Sprint issue alone. Phones are rushed out en masse all the time that fail to meet basic quality standards. Like the Motorola Droid for example. It has various screen, camera, and voice quality issues that you can read about in Forums just like this. Through various updates and patches none of these issues have been fixed. But they still sell like crazy and they are still making money off it it so why bother?

This is where Sprint really has room to set itself apart. Instead of pumping out a phone in 3 months that is buggy as hell, they should start to proactively develop phones years in advance that by far exceed the wildest hardware wants and expectations, it is so easy to add before launch if needed. Even if Sprint had asked HTC to start developing this Hero 6 months before launch they still would have had the Android 1.6 dev kit they could have used and plenty of time to get testers to use this device as their primary handset and they would have had time to discover and correct these issues. Better yet, even if they had started developing this Hero 6 months before launch they would have known then this was a planned flagship phone and could have made hardware embellishments to make it more worthy of this title. Also keep in mind this is the same HTC that was working on the Android 2.0 Nexus one, for a VERY long time (that also has voice and data issues among other fatal flaws) if they had even begun to think about the N1 they would have known that the Hero would need more hardware to meet the demands of upcoming Android versions. But why would they give you something that guarantees longevity when they could instead give you something that guarantees you will have to buy something new?

But the cold truth is that both Sprint and HTC just wanted to get a touch-capacitive Android phone riding on the Euro-Hero hype out in the US as soon as possible to cash in before the news of the flaws of Sense UI paired with lack-luster hardware made it to our shores. And we will buy the phone, so why not?

These updates are not being tested I assure you they haven't been developed. HTC will not admit these flaws and the ever growing mobile data demand has left phone manufacturers and service providers in a never-ending race to pump out half-assed phone after half ass phone.

On the other side of things you have a phone that was pumped out fast and flawed like the Palm Pre, the only difference being that Palm admits the flaws and do their best to fix them every update and now they are at risk of going under because they have been honest in the development of their new OS and honest with customers about the state of their devices. HTC will not risk sullying their name with their own tongue, they will wait for.  someone else to say something then rebut with an excuse instead of a solution which is a demonstration of them holding ground on the "quality" of their product.

Consumers buy to consume. We consume because we want what we do not have. Consumption is an addiction of mine and many others and these companies do not have to give us quality. All they have to give is just enough to get us by till the next big thing. They will keep their lips sealed tight about any issues and never address them or flat out blame us for their existence and keep on making money. Any company that does otherwise will suffer as the consumer will stop buying from them.

This will not end until both parties get proactive and start developing these phones far enough in advance and with enough anticipated hardware wants and needs to meet a customers demands so that it is not bested in just a mere 3 months by some other device starting the cycle all over again. Or the industries can get together and agree to stop making advancements and can stagnate for years like the computer market essentially has.

Do not get me wrong. I want a magical 2.1 update that fixes everything as much as everyone else. But we cant keep pretending it is coming. I am getting so weary of these Android update threads that I have basically stopped visiting this site for the last 3 months. Just know it is not just Sprint. It is every cellular service provider coupled with practically every cell phone manufacturer and our need to consume that keeps landing these half-assed phones in our laps.


Re: MMS / Text Message Issues........"Download Unsuccessful"

had the same issue yesterday...with bberry 8530...went to options>advanded>provision...bam downloaded the MMS

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