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MS Exchange email


MS Exchange email

Before I updated my android OS, on my hero, I was able to link to my MS Exchange email.  But since the upgrade I am unable to link.  One of the reasons why I got the hero was because I would be able to link to exchange (emails, contacts, and calendar).

I know that there are apps that you can buy to help with this, but I paid a pretty penny for this phone, and should not have to pay for an app when the phone should (and was) doing it.

Is there a way I can uninstall the upgrade, or get the hero to work with exchange.


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Re: MS Exchange email

I've had zero issues connecting to my exchange account with the Hero on 1.56 or 2.1.  Do your administrators require a pin number to connect to exchange mailbox or perhaps you're missing something small.  I know my email address when entered in the setup, automatically puts in the username portion to my username field when trying to connect to my account.  I manually had to change the username.  Also make sure you check the "require secure connection" check box in order to hit or whatever the public DNS record is.

Make sure you enter the domain name as well... I haven't had any issues with contacts, calendar, or email connecting to my exchange system.

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