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My HTC Hero has become unusable in the last 4-5 days


My HTC Hero has become unusable in the last 4-5 days

In the last four or five days my HTC Hero has "developed" the following issues:

  1. Dialing has become so unresponsive that it takes anywhere from thirty to over ninety seconds for an initiated call to spawn the connection.
  2. Voicemail resets the phone (after a long, long delay at a blank, black screen).
  3. Call history comes up blank (every time).
  4. Well, as I am writing this, dialing no longer works at all, delivers a black, blank screen, and then delivers a Force close dialogue complaining that android.process.acore is not responding.

This phone had been working fairly flawlessly for several (three or more weeks) after my successful 2.1 update.

I have gone as far as a hard reset, and still this thing is no more a phone than is my Nissan.  This is my second HTC Hero (the first one could not hold a charge for more than four hours under any situation/settings) and I cannot say that I rate HTC very highly as a first-time customer.

Phone:  Hero200

Firmware:  2.1-update1

Kernel:  2.6.29-bc0d2cff htc-kernel@and18-2 #1

Build number:  2.27.651.6 CL169236 release-keys

Software number: 2.27.651.6

Browser version:  WebKit 3.1

PRI Version:  2.20_003

Tomorrow (Wednesday, 18Aug2010) I am heading to the Sprint Store to see if they can fix this.  A smartphone that isn't a good PHONE (first and foremost) is nothing I can afford to deal with and this is a nightmare.  While I know that Sprint is working on this situation, I cannot afford to wait; this is my ONLY phone.  A trip to the Sprint Store means taking the day off so I can deal with this.  That is a lot of money lost for something that should be able to make and receive phonecalls innately.

Sprint, this hurts.  I should not be alpha testing HTC hardware for your network, and my experiences are clearly pre-alpha thus far with HTC and Android.

If a hard reset won't fix the problem, I fail to see the usefulness of this type of phone in the field, and that is where I work/live:  in the field.


Re: My HTC Hero has become unusable in the last 4-5 days

What apps did you download recently.... if the phone was working and then all of a sudden doesn't, what has changed.  sounds like a newer app is interfering with the dialing and vm funtions or too many programs are trying to access the same resorces when you try and use the phone's funtions.


Re: My HTC Hero has become unusable in the last 4-5 days

The Maps update, the Facebork update, and the Rerware backup pro update.

Neither Facebork nor Maps will uninstall, and rolling them back does not fix the problem.  Re-boots don't fix the problem.  I am in the middle of seeing how well hard reset #2 pans out.  Reset #1 did not fix a thing.

There are no newer apps right now.  In fact, I am expressly going to disallow _any_ apps at this point.  I am tired of having to be sysadmin on my phone as well as my computers (at least on my computers I have a command line).  I mean, the entire concept of "too many apps" is exactly how many?  Three, four, nine?  I had nine apps, the majority of which were highly praised by professionals and n00bs alike (and they also cost money).

It's just far more cumbersome that a phone should ever be (please forgive my whining).  Living without my virtual magic 8 ball is going to be a dreary prospect.  LOL


Re: My HTC Hero has become unusable in the last 4-5 days

My HTC Hero also took this same downward sprial, I removed all but 8 apps, backed up those to the SD memory with ASTRO, exported my contacts to the SD memory and did a hard reset. I've been good for about the last 4 days so far. Outside of what comes with it, I have installed Google Voice, Timeriffic,, Scanlife, ShopSavvy, Ringo Lite, Facebook and Astro. The one thing I did not put back that I used to use religiously was Advanced Task Killer, I heard too many negative things about using apps to end running apps on a linux based OS. I had the blues for a bit but that's gone after my back-up, hard reset and restore.


Re: My HTC Hero has become unusable in the last 4-5 days

I've been going back through my notes and I see some potential issues with (at least) one app.  I'd written down two observations about my contacts being flooded with 10+ duplicates of FB contacts in my "People" address/phone book (per FB friend/contact) after the Facebork update.   No more FB via their app...certainly no more "sync'ing" of contacts, ever.

Message was edited by: justwally

That should say (more clearly) that I won't be allowing sync operations between my phone's address/phone book and that of Facebork or through any other social network API's.

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