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My Wi-Fi does not sleep


My Wi-Fi does not sleep

I've noticed that my Wi-Fi does not sleep when the screen is off.  When I wake the phone the connection to the wifi is up and running.  I can ping the hero when the screen is off and sleeping.  I'm assuming that I shouldn't be able to do this if my settings are as below.

My current setting under the advanced option is to sleep "when screen turns off"

home -> menu -> settings -> wireless controls -> Wi-Fi settings -> menu -> advanced -> Wi-Fi sleep policy

Does anyone know if this would have a negative impact on my battery life??


Re: My Wi-Fi does not sleep

in all reality, it should have a POSITIVE impact on battery life...  In fact I have set my wifi to never sleep, and experienced a DRAMATIC increase in battery life.  Here's what happens, when the wifi sleeps, the phone connects to EVDO, which uses way more power, therefore draining the battery faster.  I'm near wifi 85% of the day anyways, so when I wake my phone, I'd rather use wifi anyways...  Now, the impact might be negated if you have mobile network set to off, but I went from 7 hours battery life, to around 24, with no change in usage...  YMMV

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