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New Hero - several issues


New Hero - several issues

So I just switched to Sprint from T-Mobile, specifically for the Hero (and, well, because I moved out of the T-Mobile service area, but who's counting?).  It's mostly been working quite well, but I've had a few issues, some more important than others, that are keeping this from being a perfect experience.

  • I keep getting text messages from 9103 saying "You have new IMs from your Buddies. Select GO ".  The website in question is a misformatted HTML page with a W3C header and a smallish amount of code, but definitely no IMs.  I've tried this with iChat open on my computer, and I get the texts even when nobody has IMed me, but the link in the message points to a subdomain of, which means either it's official or someone's spoofing it.  Regardless, it's annoying (especially at night) and has me concerned that I am somehow missing IMs from people.  I do run the IM application, as well as Google Talk, but the link points to it a problem with the IM app.  This is apparently a common issue, irrespective of which IM service you use - I've seen forum posts about it being an MSN problem and a Yahoo! problem as well.  (Note: The IM client lists itself as "1.1 alpha" - perhaps it was not really ready for prime time?)  So I want to know:
    • Am I missing IMs?
    • How do I make the texts stop, while being sure I'm not missing anything?
  • Certain HTC clock widgets show the wrong times.  The one I have on my main home screen (the digital flip-clock with weather) shows the right one, as does the system clock in the upper-right-hand corner.  I tried having the dual clock (one shows your home time, one shows your current time) on another screen, but it shows the times as being five hours ahead.  This is apparently also a common issue.
  • About 15 of my Facebook friends don't have their pictures and birthdays pulled, even though the profiles are linked.  It worked for everybody else.
  • When I started the phone for the first time, it asked to download an update, then I had to "Allow non-Market applications" and download it again.  I had to perform a hard reset later to correct the "Too many contacts deletes" error (another common one), and I never got the opportunity to update again.  I tried running all three of the manual updaters and none of them found anything.  So I don't know what that was or where it went, but I wonder if I'm missing it.
  • The phone can't see the wireless router in my house.  It might be the router (it's an a.b.g.n one, so if the phone can't see N that could be the problem), it might be the internet (slowish DSL, and it gives me problems anyway), and it can see other people's wireless routers (was just at a friend's house and it worked fine), so I doubt this is a phone issue, but if anyone else has had sporadic problem and solved them I'd like to know.
  • Battery life is less than optimal, but this is clearly the issue everyone else has been having (some app inducing a wake lock and keeping CPU uptime at 100%).  This occurs even when I restart the phone and don't send any text messages.  (Could it be the IM app signing in?)  This almost seems like it could be a "feature and not a bug" - for example, the IM app keeping it awake so it can receive IMs.  It really ought to put AIM into "Idle" status.  If there isn't a software fix for this soonish, I'll be very surprised.
  • I've seen this reported as well, but being another person to report it can't hurt: the weather app doesn't update unless I tell it to, or if it does, it's not very often.

Anybody have ideas or fixes for any of these?  I really like the phone so far, but these aren't really just "glitches" - they keep the phone from being 100% usable.  I'd love to know when patches are coming.

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I got my Hero on Tuesday, number fully ported that night.

Like you I started getting intermittent 9103 messages once I started texting.  I'd already found info on the Messaging app keep in the device awake and had installed HandCent(oops, can't quite remember if that's right) and disabled the HTC messaging.

Re: Wireless, my issue is a bit different.  I can get the password prompt and connect - once! After that, the phone just says my network is not in range, but if I add it in as a new network, it will connect.  Very annoying!  For one, I use WPA and have a relatively complicated password that is not fun to have to enter every time I want to connect.  I know my router is only B/G because I'm still on the WRT-54G which works like a champ.  See no reason to fix what isn't broken.

Having the same issue with the homepage calendar/weather not updating.  In fact, even after I updated, it revert to prior state.

I've had my phone off the charger for the past 10 hours, little talk time, mostly just futzing with apps and settings.  My battery is done to 40%.

I've read in a couple of places that I need several ful drain/recharge cycles to condition the battery. I hope this is true.

I haven't noticed the other issues you report.

Sorry for the lack of 1,2,3 numbering, but you seem to have received solid answers which have helped me out.

Good luck~


For the texts, log in the the IM application, make sure "auto log in" is turned off, then log out and you shouldn't receive those anymore.

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