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Outbound mail

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Outbound mail

I love my Hero -- and I'm developing A Killer App(tm) for it -- but I have a question on a more mundane subject: outbound mail. I have successfully received mail from my pop3 server, but I can't get it to send mail out to my sendmail server. The sendmail is not accepting any e-mail from the phone despite the fact that I set up both and as acceptable access zones.

On my home cable net, I've set up to use my roadrunner account as the outbound server, but that's not working with I saw one earlier thread  that suggested using as the outbound server name, but that didn't work for him or for me.  Any ideas?

TIA, now back to my app!


Re: Outbound mail

This works for me.

I went to the Hero's Settings/AboutPhone/Status to get my current username,  Then, I setup a HTC Mail account using the service providers POP or IMAP settings for incoming email.  Then, for outgoing server settings I used these;

Logon required:  Checked


Password:  (see Note)

SMTP Server:

Security Type:  None

Server Port:  25

Note:  I had a password setup before I upgraded from the Instinct to the Hero, but after upgrading to the Hero I had to reset the password since it apparently wiped it out during the upgrade process I guess.  The password can be reset by logging into MySprint account and selecting create/change the email server password under My Online Tools/Productivity Tools.


Re: Outbound mail

Thank you, DaWeav! A score. I had a MySprint acct set up but didn't realize and wasn't told that there was another setting for e-mail.

Life in a world of many systems! The good news is that we have many systems and can afford them! A few minor glitches I can live with!


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