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I got my 1st HTC here in November of 2009.

I had some major issues with it.  The phone would stop receiving text messages for a week at a time.  I am a freelancer and I lost a lot of work because of this.  I had techs solve the problem twice by phone.  Then this spring it had issues again!  This time I took it into the store....

They said it would be ready in an hour... so I left and came back.  After I came back, I bet you can't guess how long I was in the store???  Just try....  3 HOURS!  I was upset, and then the tech screwed up a couple of things on my phone that had to be re-set up before I could leave!

Then about a month and half ago it happened again!!!  I lost text messaging again for a week.  This time Sprint Customer Service sent me a new Hero.

I was not really sure how it would work out... because I have about several problems with the Hero....

Well, guess what... a whole new set of issues.

Not dialing someone when I click to call them.....  When someone calls me the "end call" and "speaker phone" buttons do not appear....  Then when I do dial someone it will act like it not dialing and then two minutes later I will try again, but then it double dials the number with one on hold and the other active!!!!

I talked to Sprint again....  They were going to see about sending me another phone....  However, I was about to go on vacation.  The lady scheduled to call me back on the 18th of this month....  However, I have not heard back from her.  So, I called the number again and the supervisor assured me that someone would call me in 30 minutes or so.....

They were offering to replace my Hero again (but how can I be assured that it won't have problems... I mean, this is my 2nd Hero already!) or to replace it with a Moment.  Now I went into a store and a clerk laughed when I told him they wanted to replace my current Hero with another Hero or a Moment.  He said, they should give you an Intercept or an Evo!

What makes matters worse I had problems with a phone a few years back....  They made me buy a phone while the phone was being replaced and I was allowed to return it once the replacement came in.  However the replacement phone would not take a charge!!!  Needless to say I went through 5 phones in a month and a lot of talking to customer service!!!!

I hope the lady does call me... well now supposedly in less than 30 minutes!!!



There have been several reports of the 'delayed dialing' you mention.  A software fix is in process for this and will be released as soon as possible.  If that is your primary issue, I'd hold off on more replacements until the fix is available.



The dial lag is a know issue with the 2.1 update.

I suggest you visit XDA developers site as there is lots of useful info there.

I removed my sprint canned aps (via XDA)

use the launcher Pro (instead of the HTC sense)

and my lag went away.

If you choose to wait for someone to call you good luck, all they will do is run you around and try to replace your phone and it will have the same issue's as sprint and HTC are aware of the lag problem, but have done nothing so far to fix it.


I got the run around by Sprint.  I will be receiving another Hero this week.  I pray to god that this one works!!!  This will be my 3rd Hero.  If Sprint is aware of the issues with the Hero then why are they continuing to sell them.  It sounds like they do not mind selling products that are not quality.

I actually spoke with one person from Sprint on the phone and she admitted that Sprint knows about the issues the Hero has.

If I continue to have problems the 3rd phone then Sprint should do the right thing and send me an Evo or HTC Touch2 (Mega.... or whatever it is called).

I can not continue explaining the same problems over and over and over again to different customer service people.

Oh... side note... one lady I spoke to said the managers of the stores have more power than customer service people or their supervisors when you call Sprint.  This does not really make sense to me.


Oh... and the lady who was supposed to call be back in 30 minutes called me an hour and half later.  I already had told them if she did not call me in 30 minutes I would be late for work.  I finally spoke with her the following day.  She said she was on call with another customer.  I really wish I had her name.

Then when I asked her why she did not call me back on the 18th like she had promised she could not give me an explanation.  This is terrible customer service.  I believe talked to her on the 25th or 26th......  I would have excepted a call on the 19th... but that many days past the date she promised to call me... the only reason I got a call back from her was because I called the original person I spoke to.

Again terrible customer service.  Terrible products.  What is the deal with Sprint?  If it was not for Mr. Way, I would probably still be talking to people about solving this problem.  He is a good guy.

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I am also experiencing problems with my Hero. It wont receive and some times won't send my text messages. Weird thing is it only happens when I text certain numbers. Already saving up for a new Epic 4G. Am not even gonna try to talk to a Sprint rep. because I know they will just try to send me another Hero and I am sick and tired of this phone. Its slow and laggy. It turns off randomly too. Not planning on buying a HTC phone any time soon.

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yes i understand your guys' problems. i have the htc hero and to be honest this phone sucks, it always lags, always freezes, never deletes my messages and it always force closes, my OS now force closes and i cant access my menu. I've talked to people at sprint and they wont upgrade my phone for me, this is not my fault, its HTC and Sprints. I want the EVO or the new 4G phone ( not sure of name) but its getting rediculous with all the people complaining online and on all the forums. if you know of any fixes please email me, ***************


[personal email removed for privacy purposes]

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Root and install 2.2 you will be happy with your Hero then

Sent from my HTC hero running Froyo 2.2  <-- Sprint said it could not be done?


So, I am on my 3rd Hero now.

The guy was really nice and has been working with me.

The new update has helped so far with the lag time and double calling or the not calling.  Only one little small new glitch....  I noticed that it opens and runs apps in the background somehow.  This can deplete the battery faster.  Kind of a bummer....  One problem after another.  But at least this one so far is manageable.  Hopefully it does not get worse.

I am not sure I would root your phones though...... if you do and it screws it up worse then Sprint will not help you and your insurance will not work.  I may try to figure out how to email HTC and tell them how terrible of a product they.

I am going to try to work with this Hero... would have liked the Evo....  and if this Hero was bad I would make sure I got one....  Wish me luck!



I too am on my 3rd Hero. Sprint wanted to order me my 4th one but I refused. I am sick and tired of having a phone that I don't get texts on, i sometimes don't get calls on, randomly reboots up to 10 times a day, delays dialing and double calls people. After numerous phone calls with tech support and numerous trips to a Sprint store, no resolution and the only answer I was given was A. we'll send you another refurbished phone B. Transfer you to technical support or visit a sprint store or my favorite C. Add a line to your account. So in other words shell out more money a month, purchase a new phone, and get an entirely new number. I am not eligible for an upgrade for another month and a half, I asked if I could have my upgrade early because of all these issues and these are the answers I'm given, but nope sorry, I'm stuck with a phone that doesn't work! At least Sprint reassured me I was a valued customer.... if I'm so valued, why wouldn't you want to take care of me??? From what I hear from other members of the forum, is that Sprint is aware of all these problems yet they still continue to sell the phone... all these "replacement phones I'm getting are probably the phones that people turned in for having these problems... so we are all getting eachothers problem phones. It really says a lot about Sprint, to the point that I want to cancel my contract. Why would I pay a cell phone bill when I do not have a reliable cell phone?


Yeah... the fix seemed to correct the issues with the phone.  However, it is again starting to have same dialing problem.  On top of that it reboots constantly.  Then to make matters worse.... when I hold a letter down on the keyboard to get a symbol it sometimes types the letter and the symbol.

It is annoying.... and I can't understand why they continue to sell a phone that has so many problems.  I think they are just avoiding a recall of the phone!

The funny thing is it seems that Verizon is running the ANDROID phone market right now!!!!

Starting to wonder if I should change services as well.


And just in case Sprint is Monitoring the Forums... they should google:  "Sprint HTC Hero Problems"

By doing so they will see several sites that list problems that we have discussed here.

Also I noticed that progams start up and run in the background on my phone..... even when I have the screen locked they still seem to open up and run in the background!!!  CRAZY!!!

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