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Phone not ringing through


Phone not ringing through

I just got my new hero three weeks ago. In the last few days I have been missing calls while the phone has been either right beside me on my office desk or in my hand. The calls have been going straight to voicemail. The only thing that I have been doing is either searching the Android market or been texting. I thought the phone was supposed to ring through and interupt whatever else you were doing at that time on the Hero. I have checked and the option to ring through on data use is left unchecked in the settings menu. So what is going on here with my phone?


Re: Phone not ringing through

It's not just you, but for me at least it's not normal. Twice this afternoon I called my cell from my work phone & they went straight to voicemail. Argh!

Thing is, even my wife's Sanyo Incognito has been "missing" calls today, seems to suddenly behave much the same as my Hero. My best guess is there's something b0rked with Sprint's network and calls aren't getting routed properly.

Here's hoping it's a short term thing with a big improvement ahead. There's plenty of room for that.

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