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Radio io on HTC Hero opens as video


Radio io on HTC Hero opens as video

Why does my HTC Hero open Radio io as a video file? It won't allow me to pause like it should. I also have an LG Ally from Verizon and it works fine. I am really looking at going to Verizon due to continous problems that just never seem to be resolved by Sprint. I also try to text input for text messages and about 30%-40% of the time it registers that I am typing but it won't put characters in the body, address line etc.. Of course when I went to Sprint and asked them about it they have never heard of the issue. I have a brother-in-law with the same phone, same provider and same problems. As usual Sprint wanted to have a tech look at it and do a hard reset. That never works for any problems I have ever had, it only complicates things as they always end up screwing up something else (ie deleting apps or contacts). Come on Sprint, help us, don't BS us. If it weren't for customers you wouldn't be in business!!!!    

Anyhow, what about the Radio io?

Sprint Product Ambassador

Re: Radio io on HTC Hero opens as video

The stock streaming media player on the Hero interprets streaming MPEG files as video -- even if they are just audio.

I suggest trying some of the alternate streaming media players in the Android Market.  I like A Online Radio personally.

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