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Random Programs, Broken Programs, what happened?!


Random Programs, Broken Programs, what happened?!


- Some "EULA" icon in the programs menu, it's the first icon there when I pull it up. It's not a program, it just pulls up an End User License Agreement window and a button that says "Force Close". I have nooo idea how that got there.

- That same "EULA" icon I listed used to restart the HTC Hero Sense UI but for some reason doesn't anymore. I didn't do anything. Except turn off the phone.

- Certain programs are corrupted. The icons on the main windows were corrupted and changed, and some of them don't even link to the correct program. I would have to uninstall and install them again.


- Icons such as the ones for Where and Movies (by Flixster) were changed, and when I tried accessing them, not all of their features were working. Like the "My Movies" category from the Movies app.

- Icon paths were changed, like my U.Stream app didn't start the actual app, it had an error message so I had to force close it.

Possible Causes:

- Fastboot. I tried doing the Fastboot thing but didn't really know what I was doing, so I just exited that menu and it seemed like everything booted up fine until this happened.

- Updating too many apps all at once. I had to update at least 10 apps and I did them all in a rush for some reason, probably due to laziness.

Can someone help? What in the world is going on here?

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Re: Random Programs, Broken Programs, what happened?!

It's a nasty bug. I have it too. There is a description here:

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