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Revo? RevA? Which Is It?

Sprint Product Ambassador

There's been quite a bit of discussion here and on other sites about the network indicator not showing RevA, but only showing Rev0.  We just got word back from the product team - it's a visual display bug.

We recently discovered that Sprint's HTC Hero is showing a static message which reads CDMA - EVDO Rev.0 in its status settings whether or not the device is on Rev A speeds. In most cases, the device is performing on Rev A speeds even if the message reads Rev 0. This UI message error is not impacting the performance of the device in any way and will be corrected with the next maintenance release.

This jives with the speed test results posted in our forums - customers and employees are seeing full RevA speeds (1400kb/sec, sub 200ms ping times).

Sorry for the hassle - but we're on it and it'll be fixed soon.

Thanks for your interest!