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Ringers and SD card?

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Journeyman sol

Re: Ringers and SD card?


I just got my phone yesterday and I love it

I still have to get used to it

but i'm deff. working on it.

I've had pandora freeze on me Smiley Frustrated and i don't know why.

also the phone seems a little bit slow, i don't know if that is

because it's a defective phone?

but that's not in the thread

i just figured out how to do the ringtones i believe.

but i still can't seem to be able to select from the ringtones i made

to be the one for the messages...

thank you for all your input

i really appreciate and it's easier for me to learn.


Re: Ringers and SD card?

Is there a way that I can set it up so that I get the Notification tone for Text messages but not for emails?

Nevermind, I figured it out.

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Re: Ringers and SD card?

I did not read the whole thread but I just noticed you can make ringtones from the music player. Open the player from the widget then hit menu. This may work for folks who dont want to trim the song with Audacity. Also thanks for posting. The ringtones work great with these directions!

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