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Has anyone found a good way to setup the phone for recieving calls?

I used to be able (on BB and all prior phones) to set the ringer volume to increase as it plays. The HERO doesn't and the work calls require that I leave the ringer on HIGH to ensure they are not missed. This is rather disturbing when in a quiet area and you get a call... I can't see having to constantly adjust ringer volumes every time the ambient noise level changes. Any suggestions?

Secondly, answering calls with screen lock on is a challenge. You only have to swipe downward to answer a call but there is enough lag that you cannot always tell if the phone answered the call or not. Trying to silence the ringer during the call has not worked for me (combined with the first question this is a real issue).

Has anyone else had these experiences and/or resolved them?




Re: Ringers

I heard that if you turn off the "Roaming alert" under the Call Settings, that the ring lag will be cut down. (Seems to be working for me).

Silencing the ringer, I always use the volume buttons for that.  It seems to react quicker to the buttons than just putting it face down.

As for the ringer, I can't think of anyway to set it to increase in volume, but I usually use a song that starts out quiet and gets louder (currently it's Godzilla by the Blue Oyster Cult).  Ringdroid will let you make your own ringers out of songs.

Also, you could use Locale, it should increase/decrease/change your ringer depending on where you are.  I don't have any experience with it though.


Re: Ringers

cobrajoe wrote:

...I usually use a song that starts out quiet and gets louder (currently it's Godzilla by the Blue Oyster Cult).

An excellent choice!    My first car, a green '71 Dodge Challenger, was named after that song.  Now I have to find the CD and rip the song so I can swipe your idea.

(end hijack) - Sorry Medicnick

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