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Sending Videos via text message


Sending Videos via text message

Can anyone help with a problem I am having sending videos? I have the HTC Hero and I can take videos, but when I try to send the video via text message it gives me an error message the reads " message size limit reached" "sorry you cannot attach this to your message". What do I need to do to send videos? Since Sprint customer service does not seem willing too answer my emil....reaching out to you all is my last resort. Please help!!!!


Re: Sending Videos via text message

I was having the same problem.  I tried redusing the resolution in the camera settings.  I was able to send video by attaching from camcorder and NOT video.  You will get a quick message that says the max size is 995kbs.  Your video camera will be open and you need to start filming.  When you stop you'll be able to attach the file.  It's kind of strange.  I never tried this before just now.  You'll probably be able to figure it out, if not reply to this post and I'll try to help you.

Good luck,


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