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Setting Notification Sounds with custom sounds


Setting Notification Sounds with custom sounds

I want to set my text message notification with an audio segment that I received from a friend and saved to my phone.  How do I do that?  I have only been able to set the default sounds and have not been able to figure out how to use this audio clip.  Is it possible?  Is this just another reason to hate this phone a little bit more?

Another question.  My phone is really slow.  I shut it off at least once a week and remove the battery.  This is what the salesperson told me to do if my phone gets sluggish.  Well, it's always very sluggish.  Not to mention the internet is about as slow as dial up.  I barely use it, because it's so slow.  And when I do have the patience to use it I can't really type anything in, because my phone glitches and I am back to where I started and nothing is typed on the screen.  Any ideas?


Re: Setting Notification Sounds with custom sounds

On your sdcard create file MEDIA/AUDIO/NOTIFICATIONS.  From there place that audio file in notifications and you should be able to use it.  You can also set up different Ringtones and alarms that way also.

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