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Setup an Internet email account for your HTC Hero


Setup an Internet email account for your HTC Hero

I'm having trouble syncing my Hero HTC phone to my home email account.  I have TDS mail, and went through the initial setup incorrectly.  I called my internet provider, who advised me of the proper steps. When I tried to do them, I got a message saying that account already exists - and it does from my previous incorrect setup.  Now I can't correct it and I'm not getting my home email on my mobile.  Any advice?

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Re: Setup an Internet email account for your HTC Hero

First of all, what we need to do is delete that one email account off of your phone.  The way you do that is go to your email application, go to menu, more,choose your email address, settings, and delete account.  Then we will need to go back and try to set up your email account back up and may have to try different things but I am sure we can get it to work.  I will private message you to see if I can get you email address, password and incoming and outgoing server settings and try to set uo on one of our demo phones to make sure it works.

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