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Sounds issues with HERO


Sounds issues with HERO

My hero is up to date, has plenty of ram, and is used in a personal/business role. I have two issues, hoping for some help here.

1) while paired with my Ford Microsoft Sync FFH frequently other callers complain they hear an echo of their own voice. I have tried adjusting volume levels and calling back - that sometimes helps but sometimes not.

2) in most calls (using Google Voice) others complain that I sound distant (not loud). I have tried calling them back without GV but they don't say that it is a lot better... more like slightly better. There is no way I can find to increase mic volume and it doesn't matter if the call is handset only or with the BT in the car.

These present major usability challenges for me and I would appreciate any suggestions. I haven't called Sprint customer service yet because I'm not convinced who to call... Sprint, HTC, Google, Microsoft, or Ford.




Re: Sounds issues with HERO

i dont know what the ford-m$ thing is, but if you can use a bluetooth (or wired) headset in the car - then it is fords problem...  if you are in a state where using the actual-phone in the car is allowed - thatd be an even better test...  another test is to pair-up some other phone (make-model) and see if it works any better/different...

the issues you describe are typically gain/feedback issues - and are gonna be ford-issues imho.

otoh, it might be that you are not getting good signals from towers while driving - whichd also exhibit some of these same symptoms...

maybe someone else can chime in - but realistically, you are gonna have to undertake some more tests to determine the root-cause of your issues...  an easy one would be to park somewhere and make two calls - one using the phone-alone and the other using the ford-system...  that should isolate it also - and these further-tests are all that you will get from anybodys customer service reps (i think)...  good luck, h.

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