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Sprint Navigation - tiny street names are unreadable!


Sprint Navigation - tiny street names are unreadable!

Hero Sprint navigation is a lil bit different then what the instinct had.

And sadly 1 feature is almost unuseable because the street names are so small that its impossible to read it!

On the first pic u can see the google map - nice and readable


The next picture is when i start the sprint nav app and click on the Maps and traffic (readable)


to see where are u driving u have to click on menu then new map then current location

this screen follows u when u drive but the only problem is that the street names on this screen are UNREADABLE!


even if a zoom all the way in the streets ar so narrow and the letters are so small that is impossible to read it from 1 feet. u wanna put the phone on the windshield holder? forget about it.. u wont see a thing!

3d look nice but it will show u the 10 % of the names of the streets around u.

Sprint.. PLS FIX IT!

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