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The Google Experience Post-Update.


The Google Experience Post-Update.

UPDATE   12/31/09

I went to Sprint store to pick up my replacement phone, Sprint technical support told me that my phone's internal antenna could be causing the problems, etc so that's why they sent me to a Sprint Store.

I walked in to the Store and they went ahead and activated the replacement phone, I tried to watch a YouTube video and I kept getting the Cannot Play This Video message.  I went back to Home screen and pressed Menu>Settings>About Phone> info

x.x.xxx..x.2 (phone has been updated)

I just asked them to reactivate my phone since I had paid regular retail price and it makes no sense for me to change a phone for another phone that is having the same issues.  I also asked them if I could get a phone that hasn't been updated and they said that all the phones have been updated. 

-------------------------------------------------------- ORIGINAL Message----------------------------------------------------------

If you are experiencing all or some of the issues I'm currently experiencing, please post here.

Key map:  PRE- = Before (1.56.651.1)  POST-= After (1.56.651.2)

Issues Post-Update(Firmware):

  • . SMS app: (Pre-Update)

1. Wife: hey baby

2. Me:  hey darling, How's it going?

3. Wife: Good

  •    SMS app: (Post-update)

1. Wife:  hey baby

2. Wife: Good

3. Me:  hey darling, How's it going?   (After waiting 30+ minutes for wife to reply, I notice that she did reply but the message orders switched around.)

**** From time to time, messages sent to you will arrive 5, 10, 30 min. to a couple of hours after, from the time they were initialy sent****

**** From time to time, messages you sent to people, will not be sent, instead, you will get an error message  (10.  code 2)****

  •   Dialer app: (Pre-Update)

Smooth dialing, responsive, no lag.

  •   Dialer app: (Post-Update)

Non-resposive, slow, sometimes may show a blank background(no numbers)

  •   YouTube app: (Pre-Update)

One-click(tap) video playback.  Loading time: 1 to 2 seconds, 5 seconds max.

  •   YouTube app: (Post-Update)

Cannot Play Video: Sorry, this video cannot be played.<OK>

Tap multiple times to get a video to play in NORMAL Quality. (Any Video)

OR connect to wi-fi and problem solved (I'm always on the go so this isn't a fix for me.)


  •   Camera app: (Pre-Update)

Functional but slow.  Really good image preview(before shooting a pic)

  •   Camera app: (Post-Update)

Functional and fast.  Low quality image preview. (One can clearly see horizontal lines on the screen when on Camera/Camcorder mode)

  •   Sprint Navigator/ion app: (Pre-Update)

Quick Directions download, Fast re-routing very accurate.

  • Sprint Navigator/ion app:  (Post-Update)

Takes a -+= 1.12 minutes to download directions, re-routing delay, sometimes accurate most often not.

  •   Music app: (Pre-Update)

Responsive, tap on <play> button on widget, songs play instantly.

Tap anywhere in the widget and Full-Control Music app opens(Instantly)

  • Music app: (Post-Update)

laggy, tap on <play> button on widget, wait from 5 to (undefined amount of) seconds for music to start playing.

Tap anywhere in the widget, wait from 10 to (undefined amount of) seconds and Full-Control Music app opens.

  • Home screen (sense UI): (Pre-Update)

Switching from screen to screen was simple, fast and accurate.

  • Home Screen (Sense UI): (Post-Update)

Switching from screen to screen is difficult (a pain in the butt), laggy not accurate(delay)

*****From time to time, after pressing the HOME key, an HTC screen will appear and disappear 20-30 seconds later.****

*****Opening the programs list is not entertaining anymore, I avoid viewing the list, reason being is that it takes a good 2 seconds for the list to appear, the list slides very slowly.*****

If you are having some or all these issues, you can do the following: NOTE: 1 and 2 did not fix my hero.  I will try 3 tonight.

1. Plug Hero to PC, download and run original RUU (Factory apps, settings etc)


2: From your phone: MENU>Settings>Security>Factory Data Reset.


3.  Install CUSTOM ROM. (This should definetely fix the problem/s.

If everything else fails, contact Sprint Tech Support, I know they will not be able to fix anything, but what they can and will do is; report problems/issues to HTC and Android Developers.

I know what IS CAUSING the YouTube: Cannot play this video issue, but I can't do anything if it's just me talking for everyone.

I will be updating this post/thread so stay tuned.


Message was edited by: xtrigit

Message was edited by: xtrigit


I also am experiencing some of the SMS issues that you listed towards the top of your post. I recieve a lot of my SMS messages later than then were actually sent to me (ranging between couple of hours to a day late). And also, they show up threaded incorrectly on my Messages app. Like someone's reply would show up before my initial SMS message, when it should in fact be the other way around. I have never had these issues before the update, but I also have not had them after the update until recently (I updated the firmware as soon as the update was released).


if u do decide to use custom rom, i highly recommend fresh rom, my hero has been problem free and fast since ive installed it


Sprint said .2 should fix the SMS/Text issue. Who knows


I have reported the YouTube Cannot Play this Video problem to Sprint.

Please call and report , the more people we get to report this issue, the faster sprint will fix. =]

(haha even their phone's are having same issues)


I am having the same issue with YouTube but only with some videos

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