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Unable to transfer files from SD card


Unable to transfer files from SD card

I am unable to get files transfered from the phone's SD card on to my computer using Windows XP. The first time I connected the phone to the computer, I didn't understand the process to get windows to recoginize the sd card as a storage drive, so I followed the windows prompts to install software for the new hardware device that was detected. After installing that software (which I think was HTC Sync), I then realized that I needed to go to the notification menu and press the option that was labeled as 'USB connected' in order to transfer files from the SD card to the computer. Once I did that, Windows XP immediately recoginized the card as a storage drive and brought up a list of options for what I wanted to do with the files on the drive.

Now that I am going through the process of connecting the phone to the computer a second time, WIndows XP is not recognizing the phone and I am not getting a list of options for what I want to do with the files on the card. The phone sees that the usb cable is connected and when I go to notifications, press usb connected, and select mount; nothing happens. I first did a restart of windows, but that didn't fix the problem. I then did a system shutdown and restart, but that didn't work. When I conencted my phone to my Windows 7 laptop, I had no problems at all.

I've noticed that once I connect the phone to the computer, the notifications that are coming up are HTC Sync and usb connected. So, how is it that I could transfer files the first time using Windows XP and now it won't work?

Edit: After speaking with Sprint's computer support personnel, it was determined that USB debugging needed to be turned on (at least for XP). Windows 7 it seems, is able to figure out what to do once the mount option is selected.

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