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Weird Calendar Issue. Is there a fix?


Weird Calendar Issue. Is there a fix?

Is anyone else having this problem? The best thing to do is to tell you what is going on.

In my Exchange Calendar I have:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: Telecommunications 11 AM, Engineering Analysis 1 PM, DSP 2 PM

Friday: Seminar 3 PM

Tuesday: Lab TA 2-5 PM

(all set up to reoccur on Outlook)

Now (for this week) my calendar app shows:

Monday correctly.

Tuesday correctly.

Wednesday all of my appointments are shifted back an hour (i.e. Telecom 12 PM, EA 2 PM, etc)

Friday: all of my appointments are shifted back an hour except Seminar. Seminar is still 3 PM

Next week:

Monday is correct.

Tuesday Lab is shifted forward an hour (1 PM). All other events for the day are correct (dentist, meeting)

Wednesday correct.

Friday is correct except seminar is shifted forward an hour.

Bear in mind that all these are correct on Outlook. I've checked, checked, and double checked. I have the timezones correctly in Outlook, too. I am on Central.

What is most bothersome is that some days are correct, while others aren't. Any insight?

It is probably the strangest thing I have seen thus far.

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