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What Apps/Processes to Kill??


What Apps/Processes to Kill??

I am fairly new to the Android system and I was wondering if anyone could list the processes that should never be killed on the Hero.  It seems like I have quite a bit running but I am to nervous to start just killing apps and processes if I am not sure what they are contected to.  For Instance a few of mine:

HTCIQAgent (not sure what that is)

Sprint Updater (will that get screwed up if killed)

com.smithmicro.DM (something with SD card but don't know)

Touch Input (will I not be able to use the screen if killed?)

IQRD (no idea)



voice dialer (by the way I have never used that so not sure why it is open to begin with)

Android System (seems intuitive to leave that alone)




Handcent SMS

HTC Sense


There are a few more but I think you get the point.  Those are the ones under Apps, now if I look at processes there are about 3 times as many but I can not realy figure out what many of them even are so I don't want to even mess with it.

I only ask because it seems that if you are new to Android it would be prudent to figure out how to properly kill apps/processes in order to keep your phone running smooth.  If I am completely wrong please correct me.

If anyone could help I would appreciate it, or if anyone has any links so I can research this further I can do that also, as opposed to listing every app that should or should not be killed.



Re: What Apps/Processes to Kill??

I'd personally wouldnt kill anything that runs on a fresh reboot of the system. Use the task killer for market applications only.


Re: What Apps/Processes to Kill??

You definitely don't want to disable

That is the over the air updating module. (firmware updating)



Re: What Apps/Processes to Kill??

Don't kill any of them.

I strongly recommend against app killers in general.


Re: What Apps/Processes to Kill??

Don't kill tasks. That is only for in extreme cases where an app hangs. Think of it as task manager in windows. You use the red x not the task manager. There is one app that I know works well for properly exiting apps that don't exit such as Browser, People, and Settings. Its called commantalb. Also let's you easily switch apps. Don't kill tasks, you only make things worse. Android will kill off non-functioning processes on its own as the resources are needed. Task killers are a waste of time, money, and resources. If you want to know more about why you shouldn't do this, go here:


Re: What Apps/Processes to Kill??

If I couldnt kill apps my battery would be dead in 2 hours.  I have so many random apps running that I never even started... kill them ALL!

haha .. well as listed above .. kill the apps you downloaded but leave all the system stuff alone for sure.  That damm amazon app is always running and I have never used it .. I dont even have an amazon account!

Right now I have


RSS Reader



I havent used any of those ever!


Re: What Apps/Processes to Kill??

Actually, I get around 20 hours of continuous use without a task killer since the last update. I generally get better battery life than those who use task killers, no matter what software version I am on though. Truth is, most running apps, especially the ones that come preloaded aren't actively running. They are only sitting in memory and will do absolutely nothing to battery life. They also don't do anything to performance, since Android constantly manages processes and kills off ones that aren't being utilized when another process needs the resources. So no, you won't get only 2 hours of battery life. You'll actually lose battery life for two main reasons:

1. The task killing app has to sit in the background to automatically kill processes. It will wake up the phone every time it goes for another kill. This will use a decent amount of battery, since it wakes up the phone and it actively uses the processor, which uses up battery.

2. Any apps you close might eventually reopen. Every time an app opens, it uses the processor and therefore uses battery. It will then take up memory again. If you keep killing such an app (and in Froyo, this happens to every app, no matter what task killer you use), you will cause that app to actively use even more power to get itself activated again. If you just let Android manage it, that app won't use any power.

Basically, task killers are useless and cause more harm than good, especially when it comes to power saving and especially in Android 2.2+. You are better off letting the system take care of process management and power saving than using a task killer. Of course, you might have already done damage with a task killer, so to really see the difference, you will need to do a factory data reset and not install any task killers. This will allow Android to learn how apps are used and better decide when an app should  be terminated. This method uses far less power and resources, and it doesn't cause the user any extra hassle. This is how Android was designed from the beginning, and it continues to be the best way to manage apps.

So do what you want, but I strongly recommend against task killers if you are truly worried about battery life.

PS: I used to use a task killer on my Hero. I then read up on the issue and discovered that the technical stuff behind Android makes task killers at least useless and at most destructive. You would do well to heed this message, especially if you don't understand the technical details used over at the Android Developers site. Here's a link for more information:

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