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What can be done to extend battery life?


What can be done to extend battery life?

I love the phone but the battery life sucked when I got it. (had to charge after 8 hours) After doing some reading this is what I have done and it appears there is some increase in battery life (almost a whole day without needing a charge). I am forcing myself to keep opening 'advanced task killer) and killing the programs that are running.  I do this, every few hours. I also changed my settings to check most of my email accounts only every 4 hours instead of every 15 minutes (except for my most important one). If anyone can figure out how to keep sprint navigation from automatically starting up I would appreciate your help. Seems like it starts almost as soon as u shut it down. I also shut down my GPS tracking thnking this may help...


Re: What can be done to extend battery life?

Personally, I've NEVER used any "Task Killer" applications, but these following steps I have used to greatly enhance my battery life.

*Keep in mind that you'll have to manually update every feed/news/weather on your phone, BUT the good thing is that nothing is constantly accessing the network to drain the battery.

1) Turn off the “Always-on” mobile data connection.

On the Home screen, select Menu => Settings  => Wireless controls => Mobile network settings and de-select  “Enable always-on mobile data”. This tweak probably has the  biggest impact on battery life.

2) Disable Wireless network usage for positioning purposes 

This can be disabled via Menu => Settings  => Location => Use wireless networks. This will turn off the  anonymous (?) Google location data collection that uses the wireless  data connection frequently. I still keep the GPS tick box checked as it  is not an always-on configuration. Any app that will need a location  will turn on the GPS separately. Please note that turning off wireless  network usage for location purposes will slow down the GPS positioning  fix when needed but that is a trade off I’m ready to do.

3) Turn off “Background data” usage (but not if you  use Google services!)

This checkbox is hidden behind Menu =>  Settings => Data synchronization => Google => Background data.  This will minimize background data usage that keeps the Hero’s network  connedtions active and use a lot of power during the day. Note! If you are using Gmail, Calendar and Contacts on your Hero you need to  have this enabled or it will disable automatic sync with Google online  servers.

4) Always keep Wi-Fi off when not in use – automate this with  Y5 Battery Saver

Personally, I have my Wi-Fi connection turned off all  the time as I have a flat rate 5 Mbps 3G connection providing  sufficient bandwidth for anything I do on my Hero. The Wi-Fi can be  disabled from Menu => Settings => Wireless controls and  de-select “Wi-Fi”.

If you still want to use your Wi-Fi connection I  highly recommend installing the completely free Y5 Battery Saver application. It automatically turns off the Wi-Fi when when out of range  and enables it again when you are close to known access points to save  battery life . Please not that this app itself will use some resources  and can slightly reduce battery life but you should still be on the  winning side if you are away from your known Wi-Fi networks most of the  day.

5) Always keep Bluetooth off when not in use

I tend to always use a Bluetooth headset when on the  phone during the day so this is a tricky one for me. On the other hand,  in the evenings I usually use the simple Bluetooth on/off toggle widget  by HTC for controlling this. The geeky way of doing the same thing: Menu  => Settings => Wireless controls and de-select “Bluetooth”. A bit of manual work but I’m fine with that for now.

6) Avoid usage of push or very frequent email polling –  configure it to sync every 15 or more minutes

The default HTC mail client does not by default have  push or “always-on” mail configured. Having that would keep the mobile  network connection active all the time and drain the battery pretty  quick. My Hero fetches email every 15 minutes which is often enough when  I’m out and about. In case I’m waiting for something urgent I can  always do a manual sync to get peace of mind. Mail sync frequency is set  through (Menu =>) All programs => Mail => “Menu” button  =>  More => Settings => Send & Receive => Set Download  frequency => e.g. Every 15 minutes. I have also kept the Mail  size limit at 5 KB as larger downloads consume more battery power.

7) Turn off automatic Weather updates

The weather widget on the Hero is also using the  network connection frequently even if weather forecasts are not updated  that frequently. For me it tries to get new weather data every time I  happen to scroll by the widget on one of my home screens. Once again,  this turns on the network connection. These triggered updates can also  momentarily freeze the UI and that is why I decided to disable automatic  updates and instead just press the the little update icon on the bottom  of the Weather widget when I want to see the latest forecast. Yes, it  is one extra click but personally I not hysterical with always having  the latest weather forecast in my face. Do this from (Menu =>)  All programs => Weather => “Menu” button =>  Settings => disable  Update automatically.

8) Set a reasonable update frequency for  Twitter, Flicker and Facebook

The HTC Hero provides great integration into social  network sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Of course, this integration  needs to constantly ping network severs that use battery power.  Personally, I’m much happier to get updates every 2 hours and not every  15 minutes as it I get less interruptions during my day. For changing  Twitter settings try (Menu =>) All programs => Peep =>  “Menu” button => Settings => Send & Receive => Check  frequency => Every 2 hours. The Facebook and Flicker update  settings are hidden in the phonebook, i.e.(Menu => All programs  =>) People => “Updates and events” tab => “Menu” button =>   Data connection settings.

9) Get a fast mobile network connection

I realized when upgrading from a 384 kbps to a 5 Mbps  mobile connection that as the loading times as much, much faster,  making the various automatic and manual updates much shorter timewise.  In the end of the day, this is not a deal breaker but every little helps  when it comes to battery life tweaking.

With these settings I’m easily getting trough a full  day of Androiding with a small disclaimer regarding my talking habits  that some days drain the battery much faster.

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