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What the eff!?!?!?!


What the eff!?!?!?!

So, i got the htc hero in august of last year and i am ready to smash the thing. First issue i had with the phone was the not deleting text threads which it still doesnt do. I actually just got an app to try and delete some because i give up on trying. Another issue i've been having is the touch screen not responding at all. When i try to unlock it the slide will actually go half way and up and halway and up but never down and when i can get it to unlock the touch will not work and will actually do this weird thing where it goes from then home screen to all the screens to home and it will keep zooming in and out like that untill i restart the phone. The phone is also very laggy and anyone else having these problems and if so what can i do to fix it. I'm almost ready to go back to sprint to get something else because im sick of it. When my hero is actually working i enjoy it, but now i want nothing to do with a touch screen ever again. Help?


Re: What the eff!?!?!?!

I have a HERO also and I HATE it.....It is very slow. the touch screen sucks. and as of last night my touch screen stopped working. I can't do anything on this phone now. Not even make a call... And there is'nt anything they can do about it.. UGHHHHH.....

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