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Who to contact at Sprint to solve the Hero problems


Who to contact at Sprint to solve the Hero problems

As I think we have all learned Sprint does not pay attention to what happens in the community forums in regards to device problems.  Furthermore whenever you try calling Sprint's customer service the only thing they seem to be able to tell you is

1) We've never seen that problem before

2) Let's reset your device

3) Resetting your device didn't work? we'll replace it

I believe the only way to get any type of response is to contact Sprint's Executive Services, their E-mail address is and their direct number is 1-866-727-0665.

The rule is, if people don't call them directly and complain Sprint will not budge in fixing the problem(s) and the normal front line tech support people don't know anything beyond the simple flowchart presented to them when you call.

So if you are having problems with the phone YOU MUST CALL SPRINT AND COMPLAIN or nothing will be done!



Re: Who to contact at Sprint to solve the Hero problems

Please i called and called sprint probably like 5 times during the holiday season and all they could tell me was go to the sprint repair center. yeah okay my phone is under a year old and still under manufactor warranty, why can't you guys send me a new phone without me having to wait in holiday lines to have someone tell me go thru the warranty company and paying 100 dollars to get a new phone. i went thru the warranty company and my phone still suck. i been with sprint for over 6 years and the customer service is not getting any better but worst. how do i get this company to reimburse me the 100 dollars that i paid when i shouldn't have to had paid that 100.00 dollars.

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Sprint S.M.A.R.T Agents
Sprint S.M.A.R.T Agent are here to help Monday through Sunday 6:00 AM CT - 6:00 PM CT. If you need to speak to an agent outside of these hours, please visit Sprint Chat