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Why I got the HTC Hero with the Sprint Network, and why you can keep it...


Why I got the HTC Hero with the Sprint Network, and why you can keep it...

     First and foremost, many users are having difficulties with this phone, with no satisfiable response or action from Sprint. The hugely popular HTC Hero and it's Android OS has surged through the media and socialites alike. But unfortunately this is probably the earlier of the models to come out and thus I and assumingly others feel that the allure of the HTC Hero and the GUI goodies it has to offer along with it's hardware, 5 mega-px camera, and it's so-called super computer like processing powers are deeply overshadowed by it's disastrous faults of being labeled as a "Smart Phone". Because to be a smartphone, at it's base, the HTC Hero has to be, a phone.

This is a small list of the problems I personally have experienced, I have read numerous others and the number one issue seems to be

1.) Repeated Restarts

     -When I press the Home key while I am running an app which I assume is hogging all the resources available e.g. Google Listen, Sprint Navigator, Music player etc. the phone restarts.

2.) Lag in between phones calls - receiving and making them.

     -I'll attempt to answer the call but nothing happens, pressing the green answer button or sliding down the answer bar I get when receiving a call doesn't work if I have e-mails open, messaging, or other miscellaneous apps. Out of frustration, (and cynical joy) I press the Home button several times and the phone restarts..... yay

     -I'll attempt to call someone and it hangs, so I figure maybe I didn't press it down long enough for the phone to recognize that I need to make a call so I press the number again. So the call gets placed but then shortly after having placed the initial phone call it calls the same person AGAIN most likely due to the lag in between where the processor is not picking up my input.

3.) Text/E-Mail/Dial Pad keyboard issues

     -Serious lag when writing or dialing e.g. I need to dial a number, I'll call Sprint's tech support let's see if they can help.... 1-888...........2beeeeeeeeeeeeeep.....1....111111111111111111....(backspace)beeeeep........ sigh

     -Same goes when writing, I don't consider myself an avid speed text-er, but I'm pretty sure spelling a 4 letter word shouldn't cause the phone to lag and think about how many combinations can it make out of C......R........A....... you get the idea

4.) Inadequate Tech/Customer Support

     -Look I'm not saying that the update has affected my experience with the people over there at Sprint, nor it's overall quality of it's telecommunication powers, but it seems that there is a real issue with this phone, and the tech/customer support reps are not able to fully satisfy us customers. Plain and simple the standard response is this, "...maybe the phone you are using is defective, if you encounter this problem still, we'll replace it with the same phone, with the same processor, and the same problems you're going to experience eventually when you start using it again, and by the way, it's a shot in the dark, but this replacement phone may be a refurbished device."

     -Oh joy, thank you Sprint. Communication runs the nation, so just have those reps be upfront and honest with us. Barack Obama, the 44th president of these United States has admitted his faults when he was wrong. Simply put, I would have rather been told, "Look, this is an early model of the Android OS, we were not prepared for the processing power it would require to function and we could not commit to the standards and reputation it was supposed to live up to." Sure I would have been agitated for awhile, but at least I would have gotten an honest answer. Which to me shows humility and humbleness, two great qualities of an individual and/or entity. Something a monthly bill can't buy nowadays.

     -Sprint you have awesome voice plans and corporate discounts, even your exclusive NFL, Nascar, Navigator, and TV service is free but that doesn't negate the issue at hand, especially when you can't use it half the time. Do something for your so called "valued customers". Whether it's one blabbering quack, or 200,000 blaring quacks, Do what you guys do best, be better than the competition, be better than all those out there who doubt your service, whether customer service or telecommunication service, because if you don't, then what reason do I have to not switch to a local competitor who can offer me the same service, a moderately priced plan and phone which will suit my needs ? Plain and simple, I'm not satisfied with your response to my problem. Nor do I think anyone else is, judging by the 20,000+ comments about this phone. So next time I call tech support I want to hear from that them, " make this up to you, and to all of the frustrated but valued Sprint, HTC Hero phone customers we will [INSERT REALLY COOL THING SPRINT COULD DO FOR US HTC HERO USERS]

In The End....

     I'm not saying I want money off my bill, or free accessories, not even the new EVO, even though it's cool and probably a better processor....ahem.... I'm just writing this because what else can I do ? I had a lot of time on my hands today, and I called to get this issue solved, and I can't get this problem fixed, I went to two Sprint stores and the employees even concur with these same issues and the problems I experience with other customers they have serviced. You know what the worst part is ? It's not that the customers are having the problem with these phones, it's that Sprint can't do anything to help them, but offer them a 2nd line and new discounted phone. So what's left ? Do I wait another 14 mos for an upgrade so I can receive a discounted price ? No, that's not what's going to happen, I am mailing this letter to you guys, Corporate HQ, 1st class postage and all, and I want a clear cut response and what you intend to do about this problem otherwise I am canceling this agreement between us, regardless of the contract fee, it's just good business.


A Blue Collar Consumer


See my post its your best chance to get any results


Yeah I saw that yesterday, I actually gave you the 5 ***** rating shortly after reading it. Thanks for your advice

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