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YouTube: Cannot Play Video

Sprint Product Ambassador

Re: YouTube: Cannot Play Video

Watching the Sikumi video right now on both the Pre and Hero via WiFi while on a phonecall.  (boring test call)

Crazy - I hear both the YouTube audio and the phonecall audio.

All the videos I tested work.

Turning off WiFi and going to the CDMA 3G network:

Sikumi - works - lofi and high quality

New Boy - works - lofi and high quality

Signal is fair - -95dbm.

Build 1.56

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Product Ambassador, long time Sprint employee

Re: YouTube: Cannot Play Video

Maybe it's just the mobile data connection... I've never tried playing videos when I have wifi (because I usually have my laptop right there).

Trying to watch a bunch of the featured videos via mobile data connection and none are playing.  Next?


Re: YouTube: Cannot Play Video

Sigh... ok examples.  Links are a royal pain as they are not listed in the app.  Oddly, mine seems a little better today.  Again sometimes a particular vid will play, more often not.

For this list a Y mean it will play, and an N means it wont. L is low qual. H is High.

From the opening page "Featured"

Sikumi - YL for the fist time (2nd atempt - N-L) NH

New Boy - NL NH

Dennis - NL NH

Frankie - NL NH

Aston Kutcher & iJustine... - NL NH

From "Most Popular"

Young Money - Bedrock... NL NH

Iron Man 2 trailer - NL NH


WWE Smack Down 12/18/09  - YL NH

From "Most Viewed"

Fred: Christmas Cash... - YL NH

Explosion Effect Fail NL - NH

Paste - NL NH


From "Top Rated"



Behind the Scenes of Hollywood... - NL NH



Note:  This is all on EVDO.  Signal strength 6 of 7 bars, -85dBm 14asu.  As of now, watching while on WiFi seems to work fine.

Also, all these vids play as normal on my wife's Moment.  This is especially un-cool! 

Allow me to also direct you to others having the same problem:

There are more if you would like...


Re: YouTube: Cannot Play Video

Thanks for these!  I think this is enough to get the ball rolling on troubleshooting.

I appreciate your help!


Re: YouTube: Cannot Play Video

SarahKS wrote:

Hi All - Will has been asking for examples, but no one has given any.  That's the first question we're going to be asked when reporting the issue.  Since Will has a Hero and Youtube works (except for the ones he explained) we really need specific examples to begin troubleshooting the issue.

Please don't report this only as specific videos not playing. That absolutely is NOT the case. Several of us have not given specific videos as requested while reporting this issue because it can be ANY video at any given time, including a video that I just watched and simply hit play again.

There may be specific videos on the entirety of youtube that won't play due to format, size, quality level etc. But what most of us are reporting in this particular instance is that at least 50% of the time ANY video that you click on may not play, and if you click on it 3 or 4 more times it will. Or if, like in my case, you leave the youtube app and come back in it will play the first time you click on it. This is seemingly completely random and has something to do with the app and NOT a particular video.

Also, I had the issue once like a couple have reported that NONE of the videos I tried to play would work. Including ones that I had watched and added to my favorites. I restarted the phone and they all played without issue.

So this clearly seems like it is an issue specific to this app and not specific to any particular video, format or quality level. And as Will can play all videos without issue it may even be specific handsets.


Re: YouTube: Cannot Play Video

I too have sporadic problems with watching Youtube videos via the app.

A perfect example of this is:

I clicked on a video of Snooki getting punched on the MTV show Jersey Shore (don't ask.) and it came up fine.  I then received a phone call that interrupted the video.  I answered the phone call and talked for 2 minutes or so.  After I hung up, the phone was smart enough to go back to Youtube and try to resume the video again.  Only this time it couldn't play the video and I got the "Sorry, this video cannot be played." I hit ok and tried 5-6 more times and finally it was able to play the video again.


Re: YouTube: Cannot Play Video

just a random comment about this - i have not tried the two possible/current solutions to this problem (1 - hitting the video-link multiple times in a row...  and 2 - futzing with my memory card whichd require removing the battery iirc) because if something is not working the first-time i try it, i figure it is broken...  since i had two-other options (htc-flash and browser-download) to use for a solution (that first time) i just picked the one that worked for me on the first-try (and every time since then afaict)...

like has been mentioned - if this app (youtube) is supposed to work and does not (on any video) then maybe some more helpful error-messages would be useful...  (ie - was not able to play video, will reattempt in 10 secs...  -or-  this video is in a non-supported-format of xyz-type)

one thing that i will go ahead any try (and report back if it solves) is doing a simple power-off...  i feel like i am dealing with a m$ product tho - the gps had caused me to require a power-down and restart, and now maybe this ?  ick...


Re: YouTube: Cannot Play Video

Powering off the phone and turning it back on does not fix the issue.

The taking out the SD card fix or whatever that was, does not fix the issue.

I have not hard reset my phone, I really don't wanna hear that's a solution.  I've not had to do it since I bought it and I don't wanna have to start now lol.

The htc flash player doesnt work either as far as I can tell.  It just displays a youtube logo in the bottom right corner and does nothing after that.

Download through browser is an option, but do I really wanna sit and wait for a 6 minute download on a video when I may decide that I don't wanna watch it 30 seconds into it?

Not worth that step unless you know what your watching and its your absolute fav video or something like that.



Re: YouTube: Cannot Play Video

sorry to be a "me too" post, but me too.

I also agree with many people on this thread, it isn't a video specific problem from the youtube application.  again, we can't email the dev of the app because they aren't listed like the others are from the Market.  This is something that Sprint and HTC should fix on their locked in apps on this phone, so we can get to a flip pin' developer to thoroughly test.

Sucks too because I am about to head home for the Holidays and I know my family is going to want me to demo all the features of my phone.....guess I will just avoid the whole "it plays youtube videos really well".


Re: YouTube: Cannot Play Video

Could be relevant, but could also be just coinkedink...  Last night I was trying to show a friend some clips on YouTube (the Philippino prisoners doing Thriller, and the Muppet Bohemian Rhapsody) at their house with NO Wifi, not dice, nothing played nomatter how many attempts.  Today, on my studio Wifi, switched back to YouTube app (via long press on the home button and choosing it from the running apps list) both videos played fine first attempt!

as I said, might be relevant, or might just be another oddity...


Re: YouTube: Cannot Play Video

Supports the theory of Sprint throttling back data usage...


Re: YouTube: Cannot Play Video

I am getting the same error when trying to play youtube videos...I also tried to use the NBA Gametime app and when trying to watch game highlight video the sound plays but the picture does not. ...i just came back from sprint store they told me they can try to do a hard reset but other than that i should return the phone since i only had it for 3 weeks.......sprint needs to fix this...

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