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android 2.2 software update with link to follow


android 2.2 software update with link to follow has the 2.2 update ready for download with easy to follow direction & how to video's even though if you have an HTC Hero that says there are no HTC Updates that is not true!

Sprint Product Ambassador

That's the base operating system, ah yup.

However, it doesn't have the 'drivers' to run the hardware -- radio, screen, input, speaker, microphone etc.  Just like a desktop PC, Microsoft makes Windows, but the hardware companies (Dell, NVidia, whoever) has to make 'drivers' to let the hardware talk to Windows. 

Also, the Hero just doesn't have the power to support all the features on Android 2.2.  It's a good phone, and there's an update coming out soon to make it even faster, so stay tuned!



Product Ambassador, long time Sprint employee

I cannot stress how upset I am over this.  My previous contract with Sprint was up last October and I waited so long to get an Android phone.  I was going to change carriers to get an Android phone.  Well, the Hero came out and I bought it the first day and renewed my 2 year contract.  Stupid me for assuming this was going to be quality hardware.  All this buzz talk about how cool HTC Sense was and other cool features of this phone.

Within a month of the phone hitting the stores other phones were coming out with a newer version of the OS.  Sprint delays and delays the release of the OS upgrade to 2.1.  It was over 6 months late.  Other phones were getting the 2.2 upgrade about the time I got the 2.1.  And 2.1 stinks on ice.  Maybe it is the phone.  This thing gets so damn lagged out, I keep trying to find the right task killer and best settings to kill things to keep it from bogging down so much.  Upgraded the Micro SD card to see if that would help. Nope.

You say a fix is coming to make it even faster?  Well that's nice, but now that I'm finding Google's own apps that I want to run that require 2.2. I'm screwed.  I don't want your damn Sprint TV, or Sprint Navigation, or Sprint ______ (fill in the blank) software on my phone.

In summary folks, what we've got here is a phone that was deemed too slow to run software 8 months after it hit store shelves.  Pathetic!

I'm going to visit my local Sprint store where I bought this and raise holy hell.  If they won't upgrade me, I'll probably just root this thing to a 2.2 ROM.  Screw HTC Sense (makes not sense I guess.)

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