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battery graph - before and after


battery graph - before and after

i wish i was able to do a more scientific analysis of this, but its only something i noticed after-the-fact and i can only surmise what could be the cause of what i'm seeing

i had to replace my hero

one of the first apps i put on my second device was battery graph - i found it useful the first time around, i wanted it on my second one too

for the first couple days i was surprised to see how slowly the battery discharged overnight while not plugged in to power - the graph looked like a plateau that slowly stepped down all night

no BT, no wifi, no gps - very few apps

then, after a few days, and not going crazy w/ the market, i checked the batt graph and... omg! the graph is *very* different!

instead of a plateau, its more like a stairstep down!

problem now is.. i don't know how to isolate which app or combination of apps is the one responsible

these things require so much effort to customize and configure to get "just right" for my particular tastes that... its basically not worth it to me to do a factory reset and monitor the batt graph as i add app after app, email address after wifi config, etc

(btw sprint, that reminds me...... palm did a *great* job with backups - when you synced a palm device, a backup was created on your desktop, if you ever had to replace your handset ((and believe you me, i did!)) a single hotsync had you back to where you were before! HTC's Hero... not so much - as far as i can tell, the desktop sync only syncs the contacts and calendar to outlook on your desktop - not much of a help - whatabout all of my apps, configs, settings, etc.....)

back to the battery issue..

to be clear, i am *well* aware of the issue w/ the Messages app and have been SURE never to even touch it - so i don't think this is a txt message issue

the apps i do have..

- wifi analyzer

- handcent

- google voice

- shazam (cool app! you gotta get it if you haven't already!)

- ringdroid

- mileage

- battery widget

- battery graph

i have gmail (of course) and i'm IMAPed to one gmail acct - and it refreshes every ten mins (its moderately important - that's why i need that refresh rate)

my theory? there's something else that is "also" sucking down battery

its not as severe as teh messaging app problem and therefore doesn't get the attention of the community at large

but its there nonetheless

(my wish? that someday ((SOMEday)) this phone will just work - i understand there will be "little" niggling issues - even my beloved treo had little "grrrr's" here and there that i hoped wouldn't be in the next phone i got - but this phone has a lot of issues that make me want to just yell - i still think its the best thing out there, but i really want it to be "better")

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This might be a crazy suggestion, but try uninstalling the battery widget.

I had it on mine, and once I got rid of that and the Taskmanager, it went to sleep like it was supposed to (also using the handcent "fix").


Get rid of Battery Widget, Google Voice, and WiFi Analyzer. See how the graph looks then.



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